Shake Out 2021

shake out

🎥 Shake Out - Family Movie Night 🍿

Shake Out was a HUGE success! We hope you and your family enjoyed the show! 

Many thanks to the parents and students who helped make it so entertaining. Special thanks to Mr. D and Mr. Schoenauer for their recording and editing skills!

We also are very pleased to report our event was a fundraising success! While we are still calculating final donations and outstanding bills, we are estimating we've raised nearly $64,000 in net proceeds! 

For those who donated, purchased auction items, bought raffle tickets, and solicited donations, thank you! On behalf of the committee, staff, and board, we are so grateful for your support. We'd like to extend a special thank you to the Shake Out 2021 committee members: Katie Beine, Jen Castillo, Erin Edwards, Jessie Edwards, Andi Igowsky, Ben Igowsky, Kristen Mahler, Amanda Medina, Melissa Neese, Amanda Roethel, and Teri Schultz. 

Planning for an event like this takes months of preparation, numerous evening meetings, and extra effort to add just the right touches to make the event special. If you have a chance to thank them personally, please do! They have been an incredible team! 

This year, proceeds from Shake Out will be used to purchase an electronic sign so we can communicate with current families and others in the community. We have exceeded our goal for this project so monies raised over and above will be used for other areas of need determined by the administration. Thank you again, for your strong show of support for Shake Out 2021!

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Thank you to all who have purchased a Cinema Swag bag and/or a Blockbuster Basket!

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