Academics at Pigeon River School

Pigeon River strives to provide all students with a variety of learning opportunities. We provide enrichment opportunities through Junior Achievement and our instrumental music program. Students are provided with additional support the Youth-Tutoring-Youth program, as well as EL and Special Education services.

English Learners (ML)

Transitional Bilingual Programs in the Sheboygan Area School District Elementary Schools use the first language of the English Language Learner (ML) in instruction when possible but with rapid progression to all or most of the instruction in English. Instruction is in English adapted to the student’s English proficiency levels and provides a modified curriculum-based content.

Instrumental Music

Students participating in an instrumental music program develop self-discipline through regular practice, teamwork and leadership skills while playing with peers, and self-confidence when playing for friends and family.


At Pigeon River, an extra layer of support is provided to students that show a need in the academic area of reading as well as math. Three times a year students are screened to determine if they are on target to reach their academic learning goals for the school year.

Lunch Buddies

Lunch Buddies is a "school-based" mentor initiative of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sheboygan County. Adults from the community are matched with a student at our school who would benefit from having another adult in their lives. In general, Lunch Buddies work with children in 1st through 5th grades and may stay with a child for years.


In General Music class, students not only learn and demonstrate musical knowledge and skills, they learn how to be performers, creative humans, listeners, critical thinkers, and stewards of their cultural heritage.

Physical Education

Here at Pigeon River we strive to achieve a healthy fitness level by participating in “Lifetime” activities that promote healthy lifestyles. Lifetime activities are activities that everyone from young to young at heart can participate in.

Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support (PBIS)

PBIS is an acronym for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. The goal of PBIS is to promote and teach appropriate pro-social skills and behaviors to maximize academic success for all students.

Reading Buddies

Younger and older students are paired up for reading together throughout the school year. This “reading buddy” program helps build a where students can read together and respect one another, regardless of age differences.

Response to Intervention (RTI)

Response to Intervention (RTI) is a multi-tier approach to the early identification and support of students with learning and behavior needs.

School Counselor

Each class sees the school counselor for Guidance Class for 30 minutes every other week. Lessons are based on the Academic, Personal/Social, and Career Development Domains of the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for School Counseling.

Speech and Language

As a speech-language pathologist in the schools, I am responsible for evaluating and treating students with a variety of communication disorders that may affect classroom activities, literacy, social interaction and educational performance of a student.

Special Education

All students should be provided with an education in the development of cognitive skills, affective skills, self-awareness, self-esteem, physical well being, and socially acceptable decision making strategies.

Youth-Tutoring-Youth (YTY)

Youth-Tutoring-Youth is a program that provides high school students with an opportunity to give direct tutoring assistance to elementary classrooms under the guidance of a supervising and coordinating teacher.

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