Physical Education

Here at Pigeon River we strive to achieve a healthy fitness level by participating in “Lifetime” activities that promote healthy lifestyles. Lifetime activities are activities that everyone from young to young at heart can participate in. This knowledge of healthy lifestyles carries over into activities outside of school as well. These activities might include youth sports, family activities, camping, walking/hiking, pickup games with friends, biking, snowshoeing, or activity classes, such as swimming or dance.

Along with our lifetime fitness activities we incorporate sport skills and introduce game rules. These activities and skills work on fair play, sportsmanship, team-work, cooperation and winning/losing with dignity.

P.E. classes meet once every three days for 45 minutes. During this time we work to develop basic skills. These skills are a little different depending on what level the student is.

Grades K–2: Body awareness, spatial awareness, locomotor skills, gross motor skills, ball skills, striking skills, fitness tests and basic games as lead up activities.

Grades 3–5: Skills, game rules, etiquette, cooperation, teamwork, fitness tests, strategies and sportsmanship, while participating in team activities and games.

Our P.E. classes positively impacting their physical, mental and emotional health. It has been shown that strong Physical Education programs not only improve the health and fitness levels of our children, but also help them perform better academically, behave in the classroom, and miss less school. Simply put, active kids learn better.