Response to Intervention (RTI)

Support outside the classroom is available ~2–4 days per week for students achieving below the 25th percentile and at the 95th percentile or above in math and/or reading. We use multiple measures to identify these students including the Universal Screener-AIMSweb, STAR, Forward, classroom achievement/teacher referral. Examples of enrichment include reading groups, Math Olympiad, Junior Great Books and Singapore Math.

The core curriculum (in math and ELA) was changed to align with the Common Core State Standards initiative, which has significantly increased the rigor of the curriculum in the classroom. Additionally, it is an expectation that our teachers use formative and summative assessment information to differentiate in the classroom. This means our teachers are informed about the students' present level of performance an can flex the curriculum for the needs of their students. In reading, this is done during guided reading groups, where students are provided different reading materials and work on different reading skills. In math, this is done by using the remediation and enrichment materials available through our text.