Tier 2 Interventions and Supports are those designed for 10-15% of the students who are not responding effectively to the Universal Supports of the school. These students need more intensive interventions to reduce problem behaviors.

These interventions are designed to be quickly accessed, highly efficient, flexible, and to bring about rapid movement. Tier 2 Interventions may include Rule School, Check-In Check-Out Program, Individualized Check-In Check-Out Program, Social/Academic Instructional Groups, Brief Functional Behavioral Assessments, and Building Consultation Team referrals. Buildings determine and monitor the entrance and exit criteria for Tier 2 interventions.

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Tier 2 Chart

There are several ways students are identified for Tier 2 Interventions and Supports. These include the use of screening tools, teacher/parent referrals, and office referral data. The Tier 2 Building Team gathers this information to make intervention decisions for specific students.

Tier 2 Interventions and Supports are effective for at least 80% of those students receiving tier two services. Despite the increased level of support that Tier 2 provides, some students will need additional supports to encourage positive behaviors.

Each Tier 2 intervention is monitored with a specific data tool to gauge the success of the intervention and/or the need for further services.

For details about how Tier 2 Secondary Interventions and Supports looks in each implementing school, refer to the PBIS link for the school.