Swimming Lessons @ Central Pool

Important information about our aquatics programs:

Everyone who enters the pool must take a thorough shower before class.

Children should use the bathroom before class.

The Recreation Department is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please bring a lock.

 Children 8 years and above need to go to Central, South High, or North High. The shallow end at North and South is the same depth as Central.

Children need to be 48 inches tall to go to Central.

Parents are responsible for their own children before, during, and after swimming lessons.

When schools close due to weather, the pools close as well.

If you have questions or concerns, please email Geri Rusch at grusch@sasd.net.

*If your child is not able to stand or self sufficient in the pool he/she will be transferred out of the class.

Winter registration will open at 8:00am on March 31

Central Pool is located at 607 S Water St

$15.00 Resident, $23.00 Non Resident

Summer registration will open at 8:00am on Thursday, May 26. Summer lessons are free. Classes run Monday-Thursday for 2 weeks.

April 12-May 17

4:30-5:10pm Step 3 Code 9721

5:30-6:10pm Step 4 Code 9722

April 13-May 18 

4:00-4:40pm Step 4 Code 9723

5:00-5:40pm Step 5 Code 9724

April 14-May 19

4:30-5:10pm Step 2 Code 9725

5:30-6:10pm Step 3 Code 9726

9:30-10:10am Step 2 Code 9807

9:30-10:10am Step 3 Code 9808

10:30-11:10am Step 4 Code 9809

10:30-11:10am Step 5 Code 9810

1:00-1:40pm Step 2 Code 9811

2:00-2:40pm Step 3 Code 9812

2:00-2:40pm Step 4 Code 9813

3:00-3:40pm Step 2 Code 9814

4:00-4:40pm Step 4 Code 9815

4:00-4:40pm Step 5 Code 9816

9:30-10:10am Step 2 Code 9817

9:30-10:10am Step 3 Code 9818

10:30-11:10am Step 3 Code 9819

10:30-11:10am Step 4 Code 9820

1:00-1:40pm Step 3 Code 9821

2:00-2:40pm Step 4 Code 9822

2:00-2:40pm Step 5 Code9823

3:00-3:40pm Step3  Code 9824

3:00-3:40pm Step 4 Code 9825

4:00-4:40pm Step 2 Code 9826

9:30-10:10am Step 2 Code 9827

10:30-11:10am Step 3 Code 9828

10:30-11:10am Step 4 Code 9829

1:00-1:40pm Step 2 Code 9830

1:00-1:40pm Step 3 Code 9831

2:00-2:40pm Step 4 Code 9832

2:00-2:40pm Step 5 Code 9833

3:00-3:40pm Step 2 Code 9834

4:00-4:40pm Step 3 Code 9835

4:00-4:40pm Step 4 Code 9836

9:30-10:10am Step 4 Code 9837

9:30-10:10am Step 5 Code 9838

10:30-11:10am Step 2 Code 9839

10:30-11:10am Step 3 Code 9840

1:00-1:40pm Step 3 Code 9841

1:00-1:40pm Step 4 Code 9842

2:00-2:40pm Step 2 Code 9843

3:00-3:40pm Step 3 Code 9844

4:00-4:40pm Step 4 Code 9845

4:00-4:40pm Step 5 Code 9846

Explanation of Steps

Develops flutter kick, free-floating on front and back, and front crawl is introduced. (Step 2 at James Madison pool is for ages 5-7 only.)

For the child age 7 and under who may not be ready for a larger pool. All Step 3 skills are introduced except diving.

Coordinated rhythmic breathing for front crawl, back crawl, butterfly kick, and diving.

Perfects both front and back crawls, elementary backstroke and breaststroke kick. Added endurance on all strokes and standing dives.

Refines all strokes and flip turns are added. more endurance and surface dives.

Personal safety, a review of all strokes plus safety around the water and endurance

Learn the skills it takes to become a lifeguard before you're eligible to be certified. Must be able to swim 25 yards and be comfortable in deep water.

Ages 11-14 only. This is NOT a certified lifeguard training course.

Private Lessons

Would your child benefit from one-on-one lessons with one of our instructors? Does your child have any special needs? We can help you overcome any fears you may have with water. Caring, patient instructors will provide 30-minute private lessons at James Madison or Central Pool depending on availability.

Fee: $20.00 per person for a 30-minute lesson

Contact Geri Rusch to arrange a private lesson at 920-459-6739 or grusch@sasd.net.