Water Aerobics


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The Community Recreation Department offers a variety of Water Aerobic classes. Classes  will begin the week of January 18, 2021.

Water Aerobics at Central Pool

Winter 2021

  • You may not congregate in the hallway prior to the start or end of class.  You will be allowed to be in the hallway 20 minutes before your class starts.
  • All participants need to sign in, in the binder that will be in the hallway.
  • You must wear a mask in the building at all times.  You may remove your mask to shower and when entering the pool.  The mask does need to be on when you leave the locker room after you are done.
  • You will have 15 minutes to shower and change after class.  This is so that the locker room can be sanitized for the next group.
  • You will be given a wipe as you enter the locker room, please use it when you are done in the locker room to wipe down your locker.
  • If you are feeling sick, please stay home.
  • No drop ins allowed. You must be signed up to attend a class.

Mon/Wed • Central Pool 8:20-9:15 am

Jan 18- March 3   code 9027

Make the commitment to work out hard and you won’t be sorry! Instructor leads a powerful and challenging water workout using a variety of equipment and music along with strong voice motivation. Various equipment will also be used. Enter at door #7.

Resident: $38.00

Non-Resident: $56.00

Senior+: $33.00

Fri • Central Pool 8:20-9:15 am

Jan 22- March 5 code 9029

Resident: $19.00

Non-Resident: $27.00

Senior+: $16.50

Mon/Wed @ Central pool 6:00-6:55 pm

Jan 18-March 3    code 9031

Join us for a water power styled workout to get your heart pumping, body moving, and burning extra calories. Commit to be fit! Drop-ins are welcome, but save money by registering for the entire class.

Resident: $38.00

Non-Resident: $56.00

Senior+: $33.00

Tue/Thu @ Central pool 6:30-7:25 pm

Jan 19-March 4 code 9032

Resident: $38.00

Non-Resident: $56.00

Senior+: $33.00

Tue/Thur • Central Pool

Jan 19-March 4   code 9030

8:00–8:55 am

Join us for this lower intensity water aerobic program. Swimming skills are not required since all exercises are done in the shallow end of the pool.  Various equipment will also be used to help tone and increase balance and stability.  Enter at door #7.

Resident: $38.00

Non-Resident: $56.00

Senior+: $33.00

Mon/Wed • Central Pool

Jan 18-March 3 code 9026

7:00–7:45 am

Start your day with this NON aerobic water class.  30 minutes of stretching and toning along with 15 minutes of water walking or lane swim.  There is no need to swim in this program.  Beach volleyball optional on Wednesdays after exercise portion. 

Enter at door #7

Resident: $30.00

Non-Resident: $43.00

Senior+: $23.00