Water Aerobics

The Community Recreation Department offers a variety of Water Aerobic classes. 

Water Aerobics at Central Pool

Winter 2021

  • Registration will open at 8:00am on December 16.

Make the commitment to work out hard and you won’t be sorry! Instructor leads a powerful and challenging water workout using a variety of equipment and music along with strong voice motivation. Various equipment will also be used. 

Mon/Wed • Central Pool 8:20-9:15 a

November 1-December 15 Code 9451

January 3-February 16 Code 9598

February 21-April 13 Code 9599

Resident: $45.00, Non-Resident: $56.00, Senior+: $34.00

Join us for a water power styled workout to get your heart pumping, body moving, and burning extra calories. Commit to be fit! 

Mon/Wed  Central pool 6:00-6:55 pm

November 1-December 15 Code 9453

January 3-February 16 Code 9602

February 21-April 13 Code 9603

Tue/Thu Central pool 6:30-7:25 pm

November 2-December 16 Code 9455

January 4-February 17 Code 9606

February 22-April 14 Code 9607

Resident: $45.00, Non-Resident: $56.00, Senior+: $34.00

Join us for this lower intensity water aerobic program. Swimming skills are not required since all exercises are done in the shallow end of the pool.  Various equipment will also be used to help tone and increase balance and stability.  Enter at door #7.

Tue/Thur • Central Pool 

8:00–8:55 am

November 2-December 16 Code 9457

January 4-February 17 Code 9604

February 22-April 14 Code 9605

Resident: $44.00, Non-Resident: $64.00, Senior+: $38.00

Start your day with this NON aerobic water class.  30 minutes of stretching and toning along with 25 minutes of water walking or lane swim.  There is no need to swim in this program.  

Mon/Wed• Central Pool 

7:00–7:55 am

November 1-December 15 Code 9447

January 3-February 16 Code 9596

February 21-April 13 Code 9597

Resident: $45.00, Non-Resident: $56.00, Senior+: $34.00

Take a break and recharge your body for the rest of the day! This water aerobic class is just the thing to strengthen, tone and energize you. No swimming required

Mon/Wed • Central Pool

11:30–12:15 am

November 10-December 15 Code 9449

January 3-February 16 Code 9600

February 21-April 13 Code 9607

Resident: $31.00, Non-Resident: $42.00, Senior+: $24.00