Dual Language Program

Sheridan Elementary School is home to the Dual Language Program, an elementary academic program that is not available at other elementary schools in Sheboygan County. The Dual Language program offers academic instruction in both English and Spanish to students beginning in four-year-old kindergarten at the Early Learning Center or kindergarten through 5th grade at Sheridan. The program continues at Horace Mann Middle School.

Research supports the immeasurable educational benefits of bilingualism. All students are considered potential bilinguals and are held to the same high academic standards in both languages. Teachers’ lessons incorporate aspects of reading, writing, speaking and listening in both languages.

The diversity of the students and staff at Sheridan is a key component of the dual language program’s success. Sheridan is committed to supporting students to become culturally aware, well-rounded, bilingual, and biliterate students, which prepares students to live in a diverse society by learning to appreciate and respect the similarities and differences between their culture and the culture of those around them.

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Dual Language