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The Central High Class of ’58 will celebrate its 65th Reunion with a brat fry at the Sheboygan Yacht Club, 214 Pennsylvania Avenue, from 12:30 until 5 pm on Saturday, August 12, 2023. Brats, hamburgers, potato salad, baked beans, and kettle chips will be served for a suggested, optional donation of $22 per person, including gratuity. The purpose is to provide one last opportunity to share our Central High School memories. All classmates and their partners are encouraged to attend, whether you donate or not! Cash donations will be accepted at the event for those who choose to contribute.

Please share this announcement and communicate any questions or updates about your contact information to me.

Wayne Wilcox

CHS Class of '58 Reunion Committee Chair


Address: 1048 B Willow Lane, Kohler, WI 53044

Phone: 920-783-8111

With best wishes for health and happiness.
CHS Class of '58 Reunion Committee

Bersch, Tom


Buesing, Ken

Dekanich, Bev (Klein)

Flores, Ness

Hardy, Betty (Stroshane)

Reineking, Carol (Hering)

Schwarten, Jim

VanHavren, Sharon (Carr)

Bloom, Jeffrey A.

Kummer, Walter D.

Leonhardt, James T.

Brown, Del

Hamdan, Velma (Haack)

Pirrung, Roy

Reeves, Judy (Zakrajsheck)

Sager, Audrey Roelse

Grzezinski, Dennis M.

Hutter, Suzanne (Fern)

Justus, Thomas (Tom)

Klein, Gloria (Wolfe)

Koenig, Dale

Lang, Gary A.

Manthey, Gail (Stephenson)

Mattern, John L.

That was Then! This is Now! The Journey Continues...

Photos from our milestone 50 + 1 reunion are linked BELOW!


Please keep your contact information current:

  • Address(es) with residency dates, if applicable
  • Email(s)
  • Phone(s)
  • Spouse name

Please keep us updated through the following classmates

Thomas Kees (North)

Maureen Lorenz Koenig (South)

Other Comments, Ideas or Questions

Suzanne Baumann

See you all in 2025!!

Class Reunion Photos


Radovan, Vicki (Henning)

Keenan, Kerry

Schroeder, Mark

TenPas, James

Busse, David J.


Members of the Class of '74 (the largest class to ever graduate from South High) are encouraged to send their e-mail address to Beth (Winkel) TenPas at as a better means of communicating information between reunions.


Miller, Bruce

TenPas, Beth (Winkel)

McNamara, Cindy

Nacy, Barb

Sessler, George J.

Braun, Bob

Mungin, Rachel (Kathryn Archambeau)

Uttech, Randy


Visit our website at for the latest updates and information or contact Mari (Fleming) at Mari@Gutschow.US.


Gutschow, Mari


Kobelt, Teresa (Stessman)

Matthias, Mary

Porter, Heidi (Huibregtse)

Ruppel, Kevin

Theune, Marc and Doris (Uhlig)

Braun, Dave

Rammer, Anthony

Rautmann, Marshall

Reinthaler, Tom

Sessler, Donna L. (Lorenz)

McClellan, Jenny (Brunnbauer)

Perez, Abel

Post, Rene C. (Pask)

Reinthaler, Marcia (Freitag)

Kris Fuhrmann

Amanda (Tutas) Hruska

Graf, Hans

Lilyquist, Erik

Voigt, William

Long, Tracy

Monte, Kent

Heinemann, Shelley (Faucher)

Hogue, David

Steffen, Billie Jo (McCue)

Freitag, David (DJ)

Fritz, Michael

Jovanovich, Brandon

Leannah-Vincetti, Jason

Lemon, Regina (Gough)

Lienau, Danielle

Bahr, Dave

Pool, Tamara

Udovich, Jeremy

Lewis, Anjalena

Flores, Phylis Nimmer

Moyer, Dennis

Moyer, Donna (Grams)

Dulmes, Garret (Gary) J.

Franklin, Karen (Schindler)

Halverson, Brent

Meyer, James A.

Price, Susan (Wolff)

St. Clair-Paurich, Marilu (Kloster)


Jugenheimer, Gary

Kampmann, Susan (Kelley)

Senkbeil, Lawrence

Senkbeil, Marilyn (Mueller)

Winscher, Noel

Henckel, Carolyn (Reano)

Klein, Michael

Panke, Julie

Radovan, Pat

Schorer, Carol (Wendland)

Winscher, Mary Ellen (Barbarick)

Berger, Kathie A.(Stockinger)

Herman, Richard (Rick) J.

Hollenbeck, Mark

Hollenbeck, Judie (Schwalbe)

Kossman, Robert

Nohl, Mary (Van de Kamp)

Braun, Liz (Lorenz)

Hayon, Jo Anne (Feld)


Schuster, Shawn

Shannon, Cathy (La Fave)

Simon, Mary Jo (Schuette)

Braun, Daniel

Murphy, Mary (Bogenschuetz)

Schirmer, Laurel (Blumenstein)

Berlin, Jamie

Lauersdorf, Peggy (Livermore)

Schmied, Jean(Awe)

Franco, Julie (Schilling)

Gaynor, Tracy (Williams)

Post, Randal L.

Rammer, Pamela (Ruggles)

Ristow, Jeff

Wolf, Amy (Abel)

Brill, Sandy (Wirth)

Lienau, Claudine

Materniak, Pamela

Soiney, Daniel

Hardy, Jerry

Stepel, Kristin (Seiberling)

Stephens, Kim (Doolittle)

Winscher, Christine

Faucher, Cristi

Hogue, Trina (Senkbeil)

Klein, Brian

Klein, Claudia (Dufek)

Hutton, Theresa (Winscher)

Rank, Michael

Whitney, Dawn (Zimmerman)

Crneckiy, Nick                      

Antes, Joshua (Class Treasurer)

Doyle, Jennifer (Class Secretary)

Harmelink, Derek (Class President)

Poster, Daniel (Class Vice-President)