Financial Aid & Scholarships

FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Seniors- If you plan to start college the fall after your graduation from South High School, you and your parents will need to submit a FAFSA form to the government to be eligible for financial aid opportunities. You may begin submitting October 1st!

Students and parents are all required to use a FAFSA IS to confirm your identity when accessing your financial aid information and electronically signing federal student aid documents.

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Financial Aid and Scholarship Links

Sheboygan Public Education Foundation
These scholarships are from local donors and are yet another valuable resource for your scholarship search!

 This explains the volunteer programs of service to America, like VISTA and The National Civilian Community Corps. Americorps workers also work for Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross and Boys and Girls Clubs. It is a great program for those who are really interested in doing something for the country as a civilian.

College Net's MACH25 Scholarship Search
This database provides a handy keyword Search that gives you a quick way to narrow down to a particular scholarship or group of scholarships.

This is a free scholarship search site. You fill out an online profile and they look for scholarships that fit your profile. They give you a "mailbox" and as time goes by they'll put scholarship applications (or letters about them) in your mailbox.

This site includes a scholarship search plus information on other forms of financial aid.

Financial Aid Calculators 
The most popular calculators are the College Cost Projector, Savings Plan Designer, Financial Aid Estimation Calculator and Loan Payment Calculator.

Financial Aid Estimator
This online form will tell you your estimated "expected family contribution" in the college funding process.

Financial Aid for Minority Students 
This site provides scholarship information for minority students, including African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, Pacific Islander, and undocumented students.

Minority Scholarships
This site is a place where many scholarships for minorities are listed.

This scholarship search database provides students with the largest and most comprehensive scholarship database in the world with over $32 billion in scholarships!

Scholarship Help
This is an interesting site to help you with the complicated process of finding additional scholarship money.

The Student Guide
This government publication is one of the best, most concise and well organized explanations of the financial aid process anywhere. Check it out to find out the answers to all your financial aid questions!

Scholarship Quicklinks

Air Force ROTC Scholarships
If you are considering the military, have excellent grades and are involved in school activities, check it out.

Blue Ribbon Animal Auction FFA 4-H Scholarship - Scholarship available for students with leadership experience in FFA and/or 4-H. Application form and specific eligibilty requirements available in PDF and Word format.

Elks National Foundation
Offers several different scholarships, including the Most Valuable Student scholarship.

Gates Millennium Scholarship
This scholarship offers a full-ride to students who are African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian Pacific Islander American or Hispanic American with 3.3 GPA or higher and meets the Federal Pell Grant eligibility criteria.

Hispanic student scholarships
A newer scholarship search site for Hispanic students.

Junior Miss Scholarship Program
You have to start this scholarship process early in your junior year. Students must have completed a program offered by Distinguished Young Women.
This is a free scholarship search and financial aid resource. This is a very comprehensive site that has membership in the National Association of Financial Aid Administrators, which is a professional organization that sets the standards for Financial Aid professionals.

Scholarship News
This site breaks scholarships down into categories and then gives you links to dozens of scholarship opportunities within each category. Categories include: by major, by state, minority scholarships, athletic scholarships, etc.

Wells Fargo
CollegeSTEPS Scholarship Program awards 100 scholarships valued at $1000.