BOWLING CLUB: The purpose of the Wisconsin High School Bowling Club is to provide high school students an opportunity to experience the spirit of the team competition and community pride while participating in a sport they can enjoy for the rest of their lives, and to allow any bowler, without regard to race, sex, or physical ability, an opportunity to participate within a team environment. It will provide an opportunity for student bowlers to meet bowlers from other schools and travel to other bowling club facilities. Practice and meets begin in November and continue on throughout the beginning of March. Traditionally the first weekend of March is the State High School Bowling Tournament weekend. JV teams start out with grades 7th through 9th while most Varsity teams consist of 10th through 12th grade bowlers. Please contact our BCAW District 7 Coordinator for start times or call Bill Hilbert at Lakeshore Lanes at (920) 458-1352 for more information.