Hmong Student Organization

HMONG STUDENT ORGANIZATION: This organization is to promote all students to improve their self-esteem, cultural values, career planning, leadership skills, and positive learning environments within the school and community at large. Being a member of the Hmong Student Organization, the individual student will be a good role model for other students and their siblings by having a strong self-identity, being proud of their own cultures, showing appreciation toward other cultures, as well as be able to specifically plan their careers beyond the high school, and take great pride in their leadership skills.

Please contact Randy McAdoo ( x4175 with questions!

Hmong Student Organization is opened to any Hmong and Non-Hmong student from all grades who attends South High School. However, the organization will be limited to 75 of the first members who sign up for the organization and gives priority to seniors and juniors. Also, the president position is limited to senior students while other officer positions will be available for all grades depending on the individual’s leadership skills.

  • Building a strong self-esteem and self-identity 
  • Showing appreciation on own cultures as well as other cultures 
  • Being a good role model for other students and siblings
  • Improving and showing leadership skills
  • Showing appreciation toward family, school, and community
  • Better planning for future careers
  • Graduating from high school
  • Having the desire to pursue higher education
  • Providing scholarship for senior members who plan to attend higher education
  • Providing gift to all senior members who will graduate
  • Providing educational and cultural presentations to motive more students and sibling to stay in school, continue on their higher education, and improve their self-esteem and self-identity
  • Motivating parents and family members to become more involved in the students’ education
  • Parent and student graduation banquets
  • Helping with the Hmong Community via New Year, etc.
  • Fundraising—eggroll sale, flower sale, etc.
  • Spring and winter proms
  • Talent show
  • Educational and cultural Speeches
  • Parent and student connection seminar 
  • Student tournament
  • Speaking on Hmong radio
  • Other activities according to the members’ interests
  • Being a good role model for other students and siblings
  • Respect other people’s ideas
  • No discrimination or negative comments on each other or any culture
  • Attending and participating meetings to discuss and plan activities regularly
  • Helping with activities as much as possible
  • No using of any illegal drug or alcohol beverage
  • President, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer keep meeting minutes and inform club members of any plans that are made by the organization.
  • Any plan to use the money from the organization’s account must be approved by majority vote from the club members. 
  • Meeting is required the presence of an adult supervisor