National Honor Society

To Potential National Honor Society Members:

You may be academically eligible for membership in the Pantzer Chapter of the National Honor Society of Sheboygan South High School. Membership in this organization is an honor bestowed upon a select group of students based on excellence in scholarship, leadership, character, and service.

NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: The Pantzer Chapter of the National Honor Society has a charter dated over 40 years ago. Now, as then, membership is based upon academic excellence, service, leadership, and character. Students must meet the minimum academic criteria with a 4.25 grade average. Service includes school and/or community activities, The South Faculty will also being rating each applicant on character and leadership. A core committee made up of faculty representatives determines the final selection. Student begin working on their application hours Sophomore year and are eligible to apply Junior and Senior year. Contact Wade Heinen for more information.


Invitations will be sent out mid-June once 2nd semester grades are in from your sophomore or junior year.

While waiting for your invite, please keep in mind that you will need:

1. a minimum 4.25 weighted accumulative GPA

2. No more than 48 unexcused classes in 1st semester and 2nd semester.

3. No major disciplinary referrals.

4. In your application you will be asked to submit forms showing involvement hours in school activities and community service. Please read below for the details. 


If you are interested in possible membership, you must

1. have completed your sophomore or junior year.

2. be ranked highly by faculty and staff in leadership and character

3. have an accumulative GPA of 4.25 or higher after 2nd semester grades are reported.

4. show proof of 40 hours of combined voluntary school and community service. It is important to note that all Student Activity hours and all Community Service hours must be completed between 9/1/22 and 9/1/23. Students must have at least 10 cumulative hours of South-sponsored school activities. Students must have at least 10 hours of community service. Students must participate in 3 different, unrelated activities for school and community service. Any combination of hours is acceptable as long as you have signed evidence of 10 total school service hours and 10 community service hours. The remaining 20 hours can be from either area.

5. have excellent attendance. This is to have no more than 48 mods of unexcused absences per semester. These are not correctable on your attendance records by community service or serving detention. This expectation is also in place for every following semester you are a member of NHS.

A formal letter to eligible students with the minimum GPA and appropriate attendance will be sent out in mid June. Until then, students that are interested may start documenting their service hours by completing the forms found in the activities office, band room or online at South’s website under “Activities” and then “National Honor Society”. Community Volunteer Opportunities can also be found on South’s Advisory Page under Announcements.

Any questions, please feel free to reach Mr. Wade Heinen at 920-459-3637 ext. 4141 or