Mariya Grabow

Library Media Specialist


Colleges/Universities attended:

Carroll University: Major - English/Theatre - acting/directing; Minor - secondary education, 

 UW-Milwaukee- MLIS

Marian University - Alt Ed Certification

Clubs/Activities/Sports you are involved in at South:

Theatre, NYC adventures

Favorite hobbies OUTSIDE of school:

Just normal stuff: cats, crafts, cooking (I am a certified vegan "home" chef!), listening to podcasts about murder, watching documentaries about murder, researching cold-cases, hiking, yoga, reading, tv and movies, watching the Bucks, hanging out with Sweetpea, crushing the patriarchy, preparing for the zombie apocalypse, traveling to far-off lands, & learning new things.

Why are you proud to be a Redwing?

We are just cool. Low-key awesome. Super smart but not showy. Friendly and kind but not pushy about it. Always game to try new things.

What were you involved in when YOU were in high school?

basketball and volleyball (until I discovered...) plays and musicals, choir, madrigal choir, NHS, French NHS, student council, various progressive political campaigns (my mom worked for a congressman)


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