The Cat Project

Eloise in the Library

The CAT Project

The Class of 2015 wanted to give a lasting gift that people could really love. Catniss Eloise Quince Redwings (aka: Eloise) is a perfect addition to our Redwing Family. While the Class of 2015 secured a home for Eloise, the library staff supports Eloise financially. No student or budget money was spent securing Eloise’s adoption nor will be spent on her maintenance. Ms. Grabow is Eloise’s primary caretaker and will be responsible for her longterm health and well being.

“The Board of Education recognizes that there are many occasions when animals are present on District property and many reasons for those animals’ presence. Animals are commonly utilized by teachers during classroom presentations and are often housed in classrooms and other locations on campus.” Please read all of the SASD Bylaw/Policy 8390

So, why a cat in the LLC?

  • To create excitement about visiting the LLC
  • To provide a place for stressed-out friends to "de-stress"
  • To increase reading fluency through our "Read to Me" program
  • To increase the number of students (and staff) who participate in LLC sponsored events
  • To educate staff and students on proper cat care
  • To provide motivation to read, research and use LLC materials with a buddy
  • To provide a snuggle buddy for friends who do not or can not (for whatever reason) enjoy feline companionship at home