George D. Warriner Middle School Academics

Language Arts

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Language Arts at Warriner Middle School is an online class. Students in language arts work on the Edgenuity online program. During this time students work independently on coursework that meets them at their individual instructional level.

Literature Circles

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Literature circles at Warriner Middle School is our reading class. We teach reading through the exploration of novels for young adults. High interest novels are chosen at various levels to accommodate all readers.


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Math at Warriner Middle School is a unique type of class. Students are delivered most of their curriculum through an online program called ALEKS. Through this program, we are able to meet students at their readiness level so that they can be challenged and learn without frustration.

Project Based Learning

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Project Based Learning asks students to find a topic of interest to them and create a comprehensive project about their research on the subject. Each student picks a topic of personal interest and goes through the process of researching, writing, editing and presenting their findings.


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Science at Warriner Middle School is a hands on course. In this face to face class, students learn by reading, writing and doing. Students work in groups or individually to get information through teacher notes and reading as well as a variety of lab activities and projects.

Social Studies

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World History II is a course that focuses on developing students' understanding of world history from The Fall of Rome to World War I. Major topics of study are the Middle Ages, Feudal Japan, The Renaissance, The French Revolution and The Russian Revolution.

Partnership - Sheboygan YMCA

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We are fortunate to have the YMCA just a short walk away from our school! Each week, WMS students and staff walk to the YMCA to participate in a variety of sports and activities led by YMCA staff. Activities include volleyball, gaga ball, floor hockey, the cardio center, weightlifting, capture the flag, dodgeball, and much more! 

Partnership - John Michael Kohler Arts Center

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Though there is no traditional art class at WMS, students are given many opportunities to express themselves artistically! Once a month, WMS students and staff walk to the John Michael Kohler Arts Center to engage in a variety of projects taught by JMKAC staff. Students also get to look around the art museum to see works from real artists!

Partnership - Mead Public Library

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Just a few blocks from our school, you'll find the Mead Public Library! On our weekly walking field trips, we stop at the library where students can pick out books for the following week. We love the library so much that we've even had our own "Warriner Middle School Picks" display on the first floor!

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