About Central High School

Central High School, working with community partnerships, will provide students with supported, personalized learning pathways focused on academic, personal, and social growth.

Students who desire to experience a "real world" approach to learning will be offered a blend of innovative and diverse educational opportunities focused on earning the high school diploma and a head start on their post-high school goals.


Education at Central High

Our "traditional" program offers the type of "non-traditional" personalization not available at large high schools. 

Students can take traditional high school classes alongside high-interest, high-relevance courses. 

We work hard to help every student connect with their future after high school right now through our College and Career Center.

And for the "non-traditional" student, we offer multiple credit recovery options, including: Independently Paced classwork; the CapStone program; and Night School. 

Central High School Events

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