TAPP / Parenting Lab

What happens when a teenager in the Sheboygan Area School District gets pregnant?

  • Students who become pregnant share that information with their guidance counselor.
  • The guidance counselor contacts Central High School to schedule a meeting with the guidance counselor, TAPP teacher, parents, and student.
  • At the meeting, parents and students meet the staff, tour the facility, and learn about the TAPP program. A start date is determined at that meeting as well.

What do students do in the TAPP program?

  • Students attend school from 9:00 – 2:30 (MTThF) 9:00-12:30 on Wednesdays for two trimesters until the baby is approximately 4 months old.
  • Students attend birthing classes at a local hospital.
  • Students are assigned to a county nurse who will support and assist them to a healthy outcome.
  • Students generally have 4 weeks maternity leave during the two -trimester period.
  • Students take classes such as Health/Exercise during Pregnancy, Child Development, Nutrition, and other required courses.

What happens after TAPP?

Students who participate in TAPP can continue their education with child care on site at Central High School. In the Parenting Lab, babies age 3 months and older are nurtured by a staff of educational assistants supervised by the TAPP teacher.

How do students maintain their participation in the Parenting Lab?

Participation in the Parenting Lab is a privilege that many students would appreciate. We always have a waiting list. Students who do not demonstrate that they value this privilege will be asked to find other child care arrangements.