Student Email

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Student Email Access

Email address: 2-digit grad year + last name + last 3 digits of ID# + (example:

Password: check with the library if you don't know your password

Student Email Access

All students are provided with a district-issued email account. This account is to be used for educational purposes. Students are expected to use their email accounts with courtesy and good sense.

  • Check your email daily.
  • Keep your inbox organized by deleting or filing messages you no longer need.
  • Emailing your teacher is different than texting your friend. Use an appropriate, polite tone.
  • Use good spelling and grammar.
  • Before you send your message, read it over to be sure it makes sense and sounds good.
  • Do not use "Reply All."
  • Do not send unwanted messages or continue an email exchange when you've been asked to stop.
  • Do not send insulting, vulgar, demeaning, or threatening messages.
  • Don't put anything in an email that you wouldn't say in front of your teacher. Your school email is not private. Even deleted messages can be recovered and read by the district.