Resources for Farnsworth Middle School Students

Farnsworth is all about you! Our goal is to prepare you for your future.

While you're here you will learn lots of stuff, try new things, develop your skills, work with a wide range of people, get good at using technology, explore career options, and take part in athletics and the arts. It's a lot, but you're up for the challenge! We hope you enjoy your time here!

students building a tower from marshmallows and toothpicks

Library Resources

You need books or information? We've got it! Contact Ms. Staron if you have questions about using library resources.

Don't see a link here? Check the " Bookmarks" folder on your Chromebook.  You can also find most of the Google resources by clicking the waffle menu at the top right of most Google Apps screens.

Your Google login follows this pattern:
Username: 2-digit grad year + last name + last 3 digits of student ID + (Example:
Password: randomly assigned; check with the library if you don't know your password

Feeling creative? Check out our Virtual Makerspace! Each slide shares four tools on a specific topic -- you can try everything from learning to code to crafting paper hearts to making your own music.

Do you know your books? Try out these puzzles to see! Answers are on the slide following each set of puzzles.

When you can't travel by plane or train, travel by book! Click the pictures to get information and try the activities.

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