Farnsworth Middle School Academics

Farnsworth takes academics seriously. We continuously work to improve instruction and help all students learn at high levels. Our PBIS, Peer Mediation, universal free breakfast, and snack break programs remove obstacles that can distract students from learning.

6th Grade Teams

Moving up to middle school is an exciting transition for students.  Our sixth grade teachers help make the change easier by building relationships with students.

7th Grade Teams

Seventh grade should be a year filled with new experiences and lots of progress.

8th Grade Teams

The eighth grade staff has high expectations and focuses on building relationships.  Individualized help is always available upon request.

Counseling Center

Our goal is to help all students develop their educational, social, career and personal strengths. We focus on problem solving, decision making and personal growth related to learning and development.


Art students get to try out a variety of media and processes while developing their creativity and personal expression.

Family and Consumer Education (FACE)

The mission of the Family and Consumer Education Department is to prepare individuals to be competent, confident and caring in managing all aspects of their lives.

Health and Physical Education

Health education provides students the knowledge they need to maintain good health. Physical Education gives students regular opportunities to have fun while getting active.

Life Readiness

Life Readiness classes help students prepare for their futures beyond school.


Farnsworth offers instruction in both vocal and instrumental music. Students take part in large group rehearsals (class) and small group lessons.  We also offer opportunities for students to explore music though extra-curricular activities.

Technology Education, STEM, & Project Lead the Way

Project Lead The Way courses focus on using STEM skills to solve problems, while our traditional Tech Ed courses introduce the tools and materials used to construct products.

World Languages

The World Language Department seeks to advance world language proficiency so that students can participate in and appreciate our global society.

Multilingual Learners (ML)

Our mission is to increase academic success for all English Language Learners.

Special Education

Farnsworth offers a variety of services to help students with special educational needs be successful in school and in life.


IMPACT helps students make positive practices permanent by increasing engagement, applying experiences to make new knowledge, and building confidence.

Reading Interventionist

Our Reading Interventionist works with groups of students from each grade level to improve literacy through reading, writing, and speaking.

Resource Officer

Farnsworth has a full-time School Resource Officer on campus. His door is always open to speak with students.

Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS)

The goal of PBIS is to promote and teach appropriate pro-social skills and behaviors to maximize academic success for all students.

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