Innovator Fellowship

Innovator Fellowship
The Innovator Fellowship Program at North High School engages high school junior and senior students
in the deeper exploration of career paths beyond the traditional classroom. Students work to develop
passion driven concepts through a project-based, collaborative learning partnership within a
multidisciplinary community of creative thinkers. Each fellow creates a vision for an innovative project
and works with the Innovator Fellowship Coordinators and members of the Jake’s, A Lakeland Community, to develop their personal identity, and carry out their unique project.


The IF Program was developed in 2013 by Jason Bull and Jay Johnson in partnership with Jake's Cafe as a way to give students an experience beyond North High school that would inspire them and help them grow their skills. Its goal is to help students, "Dream Big" and bring those dreams to fruition. The program has been funded through partnerships with North High School, SASD, Acuity and the Kohler Foundation.


In order to participate in the Innovator Fellowship, students must meet the following requirements:

    • Students must complete the preliminary application process by May 6th, of the year prior to the experience.
    • If selected for an interview, students must present their project proposal to the IF committee with examples of their previous related work.
    • Students must submit a resume.
    • Students must submit a budget proposal.
    • Students must be in good academic standing, have a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.75 or higher, and pass all classes, or write a letter of appeal, explaining why the committee should consider your application.
    • Students must attend North High School.
    • Students must complete two faculty recommendations.
    • Students must have signed parent or Guardian permission.


Students who are accepted into the IF program develop projects at Jake's, A Lakeland Community. Students spend 1-2 hours at Jake's, in a dedicated creative space, each school day working on developing and implementing their projects. Fellows earn credits towards graduation and can also earn Honors credits. We have had fellows create...
A food program for needy children
A mural for the Above and Beyond museum
A Sheboygan county coloring book
A literacy program
A program for children of domestic violence
Art installations
Environmental fashion
A Children's book on depression
A documentary on what it means to be a women
An original play on "coming out"
An environmental recycling program
Original music
A peace project
Original creative writing
A documentary on depression/anxiety
A food stand
A magazine on drug abuse awareness
An adaptive sailing program for youth with disabilities
A documentary on adoption in Sheboygan
A mental health art curation
Environmental children's book and book walk

Applications are due on May 6th.
Please use to type your application

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Innovator Fellowship Coordinator

Jay Johnson

Innovator Fellowship Coordinator

Ashley Magray

Innovator Fellows

Anna Adamavich - "INSPIHER" - Anna's summer day camp empowers girls aged 8-13 to dream big and become active members of society through fun activities and mentorship.
Alina Cha - "What's Your Story?" - Alina's installation provides a platform for sharing narratives, fostering connections and empathy across different backgrounds.
Eileen English - "Beat! A musical Garden" - Eileen's project designs an outdoor musical installation at Vollrath Park, featuring five stations with instruments and a children's storybook, to encourage musical expression in the community.
Isabella Froh - "Open Ears" Isabella's initiative installs 'telecoil hearing loops' in Sheboygan's public places, improving the experience for individuals with hearing aids in loud settings.
Jake Leismer - "Sheboygan County Youth Voters" - Jake's organization engages Sheboygan’s 16–25-year-olds in local politics through voter registration drives and information campaigns.
Flinn Opel - "STEAM Sheboygan" - Flinn's project inspires students through STEAM education, using the Questioneers book series to nurture critical thinking, self-expression and creativity.
George Philips - "Sheboogie" - George's project aims to bring together a diverse group of musicians and promote the live jazz scene in Sheboygan.

Eileen English - Beat! A Musical Garden - donations for her musical commmunity garden project
George Phillips - Sheboogie Jazz Connection - looking to bring more Jazz and connect Sheboygan residents to opportunties to play and hear Jazz.
Meghan Haas -
publising a book highlighting diversity by documenting stories from 1st and 2nd generation immigrants and donating the book to district elementary schools.  She is in need of 1st and 2nd generation immigrants that are willing to share their story. Please fill out this form
Isabella Froh - looking to bring loop systems to Sheboygan for thies with hearing impairments. Website Go Fund Me

Emily Fisher - Environmentalism (book installation for children) April 29th, 4pmMaywood
Hannah Persick 
- Fostering (film) May 20th, 6pmUW-Green Bay/ Sheboygan
Carolyne Van deventer 
- Adaptive Surfing (instructive course for individuals with disabilities )July 30th/31st (there will be a rain date) North Beach
Stella Revelis 
- Mental Health (podcast) June 4th - tentative TBD

Josh Ammons
William Soik

Madison Roth

Sarah Vang

Jackson Pond (Sheboygan Reads)
Yiling Sun
(Website about recycling in Sheboygan)
Treasure Wray
(Fashion line inspired by music)
Cadi Zhang
(Addressing Food waste and food scarcity affecting local children)
Hannah Braatz
from South High (Art installation of chairs that have been painted to reflect local cultures)

Chloe Bohn (Short film about children in homes facing domestic violence)
Maddie Green
(Happiness Project to fund downtown mural)
Chrissy McAtee
(Art installation about addiction)
Kiana Yang
(Pop up restaurant)

Isabell Wills (Fashion inspired by endangered species)
Noelle Wills
(What's Wrong with Weathergirl? A children's book about emotions)
Dalinee Vang 
Mackenzie Madden (Short film about panic and anxiety)

Caoilfhinn Rawerdink (Book of short stories)
Katherine English  (Color Me Sheboygan coloring book)
Panhou Lee (Wedding dress and spoken word installation)
Mary Grabne
r (Music Peace Project)

Read more about our fellows

Liz Johnson (Short film about feminism)
Chad Matha (Musical about coming out experience)
Kyle Smith (Music)

Previous Projects

Sheboygan Area School District North High School. Photo of a student working on Innovator Fellows project.
Sheboygan Area School District North High School. Photo of North High School student working on Innovator Fellows project.