Overview: North High Drama is a comprehensive theatrical program that produces a musical each fall (First two weekends in November) and a play in the spring (First weekend in March). There are opportunities to act, sing, dance, build sets, work on costume design and construction, make up, as well as, lights and sound.

for plays and musicals are usually 5 evenings a week and alternate between early (3:30-6:00) and late practices (6:00-9:00). The annual musical is a joint production with South High school and rehearsals are conducted at both schools. Actors usually rehearse most evenings and are expected to attend all rehearsals for their characters. The rehearsal process is typically 2.5 months, followed by two weekends of performances. We use a double casting system to increase participation. The play usually has 6 weeks of rehearsal and one weekend of performances.

for the musical are usually during the first week of the semester. There are auditions at both schools and actors may audition at either night of auditions. All are welcome to audition and no previous experience is needed. We pride ourselves on being a teaching centered program where student actors develop skills. Auditions for the Spring play are usually conducted around January 15.

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Stage Crew

Constructs the sets and props for the plays and musicals and works to design and provide lights and sound. Stage crew meets after school and is usually 4:00-6:00 or it alternates opposite of the acting rehearsals. Students are encouraged to attend as often as possible but attendance is more flexible during the construction process. Students are required to be at all rehearsals and performances during the last two weeks. Stage crew begins in September and ends in the middle of November for the musical. For the spring play, Stage crew begins at the beginning of January and runs through the second week of March. Crew also helps with Dancers Among Us and Expo.

Pit Orchestra

Each year there is a combined North South Pit orchestra for the musical. Student musicians are encouraged to contact their music teacher if they are interested in participating. Rehearsals are usually 2-3 times a week for 6-8 weeks

Parents Needed

Each year we ask parents to help plan and provide late night meals during our last week of rehearsals. We also ask parents to help sell concessions during the performances. Concession fundraising supports drama awards and trips.

New York Drama Trips

Every other year we take theater students to New York City for a theater and cultural experience. The trip cost around $1,500 per person and is in early May. Students will see 5+ Broadway shows and have other educational activities throughout the trip. We travel Wednesday through Sunday. The next trips will be in 2022, 2024, 2026. Deposits of $500 are needed to secure the trip by October 1 in the school year that we are traveling

Awards & Recognition

Each spring there is a recognition night for students who participate in the drama program. Students are recognized for individual performances as well as longevity. There is a special recognition for students who participate in 7 or 8 productions while they are in high school. The banquet is combined with South and is held during the first two weeks of May.

26 Pebbles Audition Material

The Laramie Project

The Play…

On December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School and killed twenty-six innocence souls before taking his own life. These twenty-six innocent deaths, like pebbles thrown into a pond, created ripples and vibrations that were felt far beyond the initial rings. This is the story of those vibrations

Similar in style to The Laramie Project, playwright Eric Ulloa conducted interviews with members of the community in Newtown and crafted them into an exploration of gun violence and a small town shaken by a horrific event.

Here is what others are saying about this play…

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When: Auditions for the Spring Play, 26 Pebbles, will take place on January 13th. The audition will begin at 3:30 and will last until no later than 6:00.

Where: The North High auditorium

Who: All students may audition and you do not need previous experience to audition.

What: There are six actors in the original show and I plan to have two casts. There are two males and four females in each cast. Each Actor plays several roles, which makes this play unique and challenging. One of the qualities I will look for during auditions is versatility and the ability to create distinct characters. The other possibility is that I will have one cast of 19 actors and each actor will only play one role. This would mean more opportunities and smaller roles for the actors we use.

JENN - 35 - Mother to 6 year old son and wife to Michael. Lives in Sandy Hook.
CARLA - 40 - Married mother of two, retired airline pilot who lives on a farm and enjoys the simple life.

MICHAEL - mid 30's - Father of 6 year old son and married to Jenn. Lives in Sandy Hook.
DARREN - 45 - Father of two boys and married to Georgia. Suffers from PTSD.
BILL - 60 - Married to Carole and father to Sally. Retired blue collar worker with a salt of the earth mentality. Carole's rock.
FATHER WEISS - 55 - Monsignor of the Catholic church and Christian spiritual leader to the community. A bit worn out and weary by the responsibilities thrust into his life on 12/14.

JOE - 35 - Former art teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
CHRIS - 40 - Works in city hall and oversaw the collection of gifts after 12/14. A straight talking and "no nonsense" guy.
RABBI SHAUL PRAVER - 45 - Passionate rabbi and Jewish spiritual leader to the community.
MIKE - 35 - Blue collar construction worker and contractor born and raised in Sandy Hook.

YOLIE - 40 - Artistic minded divorced mother of one who is passionate about her community and how they can change the future of others.
JERIANN - 40 - Spiritual healer who is new to the community. Opened a healing and angel reading shop with Starr.
SALLY - 35 - Hometown girl who loves her community. Daughter of Carole and Bill.

GEORGIA - 40 - Australian born mother of two boys and married to Darren. Newtown is the first home she's made in the US with her family.
KAT - 45 - Former factory worker now turned volunteer of incoming gifts to the town. Gravely voiced and tough on the outside but a heart of gold, hug loving person on the inside.
CARRIE - 40 - Married mother of two girls and lives in Sandy Hook.

JULIE - 40 - Married mother of two. Lives in Sandy Hook.
STARR - 50 - Angel reader who is born and bred in the community and a bit quirky. She opened a healing and angel reading shop with Jeriann.
CAROLE - 60 - Tough, salt of the earth human resources director of Newtown. She is "no nonsense" and has a tremendous love of her town and its constituents. She is married to Kill and mother to Sally.

How: There are two choices for auditions. First, for actors with experience, I would recommend that you have something memorized. A short monologue that is one-two minutes or two contrasting monologues that are a total of two-three minutes. You may not audition with scripts in hand. I want to see you act.

The second option, is to read from the script 26 Pebbles. All actors can choose this if they think it is best for them. Scripts are available for you to check out starting today.

How to prepare…
Read the play. I think one of the best things you can do before the audition is to read the play. It will help you understand the characters better and allow you to create representations of those characters.

The show it’s self…
The play will be performed in the round. This is my favorite way to present theater. It is a challenge for both actors and director and allows the audience to be very close to the action.

Performances will be March 3 ,4, 5, 6

What is the commitment…?

We will rehearse 3-5 days a week from January 17-March 3.
Monday and Wednesday and Friday rehearsals will be from 3:30-5:30
Tuesday and Thursdays will be 6:00-8:00

Theater Arts Director

Jay Johnson

Vocal Music Director

Joe Phillips

Instrumental Music Director

Royal Gingery

Technical Director

Mark Smies