Frank Juarez

Mr. Juarez is the art department at Sheboygan North High School. Prior to joining the faculty, he taught at Riverview Academy (2001-2006). He earned his Master’s in Educational Leadership from Marian University (2004) and teaching certificate and Bachelor of Science in Commercial Art from Carroll University (1997).

Mr. Juarez manages the infrastructure and strategic plan for Sheboygan North High School’s art department. The department’s mission, written in collaboration with students, is to create and nurture a learning environment that stimulates risk-taking, originality, and collaboration through the use of 21st Century skills in both studio practice and communication. The Sheboygan North High’s art program builds student confidence, art appreciation, and college/career readiness.

Students also gain opportunities for self-discovery, self-expression and become caring, goal-driven young adults who give back to the community.

Mr. Juarez brings nineteen years of art education and arts management experience organizing local and regional art exhibitions, community art events, facilitating presentations, supporting artists through grant programs, and professional development workshops. This has placed him in the forefront of promoting Wisconsin artists, networking, and attracting regional and national artists to collaborate and exhibit in Wisconsin.

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