Kai Mills

I teach Chinese language at both North and South High Schools. Teaching is my passion and I enjoy being in the classroom with students. We not only learn through rigorous study, we also learn by having fun. Students are encouraged to develop their potential and have many opportunities to incorporate their other talents and interests in? to the learning process.

Chinese learning also extends beyond the class room. Students may choose to participate in the annual Wisconsin State Chinese Language Competition at all learning levels. Our students typically do very well there. Several past students have applied for and won U.S. State Department scholarships for intensive summer study programs in China. We take a field trip to Chicago's Chinatown each Spring and visit China over Spring-break every two or three years.

Past students who have continued to study Chinese in college happily report back that they find they are well prepared for college Chinese, and are placed into intermediate and even advanced classes from the start.

I grew up in China and graduated from Nanjing Normal University. I am married to Scott Mill and we have have a daughter and son. I enjoy being with my family, playing chess, and am a member of Sheboygan Symphony Chorus.

A letter for parents:

Dear Parents,

Thank you for visiting my webpage! The students are working hard in class. To support and help your child’s performance in learning Chinese, please make sure homework and other assignments are completed and they are studying for quizzes and tests at the end of each unit. Please ask them often if they have homework. You can ask them to show off the Chinese they have learned and encourage them to see me for help. Our Haiku website has resource pages for student’s after school study, review lessons , preview next lessons and special topics on Chinese culture.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns and questions about your child’s learning.

Colleges/Universities attended:

UW-Green Bay and Nanjing Normal University

Clubs/Activities/Sports you are involved in at South:

Chinese Club

Favorite hobbies OUTSIDE of school:

Writing poems, singing and chess

Why are you proud to be a Redwing?

I am proud of our hard working students

What were you involved in when YOU were in high school?

High School Orchestra

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