Thomas Yedica

Thomas Yedica

Social Studies Teacher

920.459.3600 ext. 6126

In his illustrious, award-winning teaching career at North High School, Tom Yedica has consistently been deemed the most "hip," "fresh," and "on point" teaching personality in Sheboygan. Descended from Danish nobility, all who are fortunate enough to be in his enlightened presence recognize his regal aura. His AP Psychology, Religious Studies and History classes have become the stuff of educational legend. Along the way, his mythic genius has grown from his historiographical investigative inquiry leading to a Masters in History (Madison 1993) to his Social Psychological post-graduate work investigating and defining adolescent student identity formation (UW-Green Bay, PDC 2003). Honors and awards have been thrown his way, whether local (a Sheboygan County top teacher, 2002), academic (MSOE Most Valuable Teacher, 2006) or state-wide (Kohl Fellowship, 1998). It has taken all his effort, energy and humility to deflect the attention. This giant of academia has also served as the glorious department chair to bring together a cast of characters, the likes no other educational institution has ever had the fortune to experience. Together they form an unbeatable force that stands up to and dominates over ignorance.

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