Students of the Month May

Photo of Annie Xiong

FACS - Annie Xiong

Photo of Alex Garza

Language Arts - Alex Garza

Photo of Gavin Seefeldt

Math - Gavin Seefeldt

Photo of William T. Xiong

Multilingual Learner - William T. Xiong

Photo of Caylean Nielson

Music - Caylean Nielson

Photo of Makayla Zavrl

Physical Education - Makayla Zavrl

Photo of Julia English

Science - Julia English

Photo of Amber Lee

Science - Amber Lee

Photo of Tagen May Murray

Social Studies - Tagen May Murray

Photo of Will Feider

Technology Education - Will Feider

Photo of Truman Pond

World Languages - Truman Pond

Students of the Month April

Photo of Sadie Cleveland

Art - Sadie Cleveland

Photo of Jonathan Akstulewicz

Business and Technology - Jonathan Akstulewicz

Photo of Kimiko Lee

FACS - Kimiko Lee

Photo of Paolo Gonzalez

Language Arts - Paolo Gonzalez

Photo of Isabelle Jacks

Math - Isabelle Jacks

Photo of Jaya Yang

Multilingual Learner - Jaya Yang

Photo of Anne Handley

Music - Anne Handley

Photo of Madeline Xiong

Physical Education - Madeline Xiong

Photo of Karen Lee

Science - Karen Lee

Photo of Kongmeng Lee

Science - Kongmeng Lee

Photo of Isabelle Torres

Social Studies - Isabelle Torres

Photo of Chris DiStefano

Technology Education - Chris DiStefano

Photo of Delaney-Honora Tank

World Language - Delaney-Honora Tank

Students of the Month March

Photo of Sharon Fuquen

Art - Sharon Fuquen

Photo of Gavin Seefeldt

Business - Gavin Seefeldt

Photo of Mason Pond

Family & Consumer Science - Mason Pond

Photo of Rachel Sager

Health - Rachel Sager

Photo of Natalie Sargent

Language Arts - Natalie Sargent

Photo of Jasmine Lee

Math - Jasmine Lee

Photo of Esi Korankye

Multilingual Learner - Esi Korankye

Photo of Ian La Fave

Music - Ian La Fave

Photo of Noah Blaha

Physical Education - Noah Blaha

Photo of Davis Knowles

Science - Davis Knowles

Photo of Jenna Krueger

Social Studies - Jenna Krueger

Photo of Wyatt Amiot

Technology Education - Wyatt Amiot

Photo of Noel Krugel

World Language - Noel Krugel

Students of the Month February

Photo of Jalysa Hernandez

Art - Jalysa Hernandez

Photo of Abram Van Der Puy

Business & Technology - Abram Van Der Puy

Photo of Owen Brunette

Family & Consumer Science - Owen Brunette

Photo of McKenzie Bonakowski

Language Arts - McKenzie Bonakowski

Photo of Kellee LeClaire

Math - Kellee LeClaire

Photo of Anna Ignacio

Multilingual Learner - Anna Ignacio

Photo of Logan Sanders

Music - Logan Sanders

Photo of Grant Carlson

Physical Education - Grant Carlson

Photo of Ethan Willemsen

Science - Ethan Willemsen

Photo of Molly Rankin

Social Studies - Molly Rankin

Photo of Owen Hornickel

Technology Education - Owen Hornickel

Photo of Joy Xion

World Languages - Joy Xiong

Students of the Month January

Photo of Denis Huete

Art - Denis Huete

Photo of Juan Durna Marin

Family & Consumer Science - Juan Duran Marin

Photo of Gabriel McCartney

Languauge Arts - Gabriel McCartney

Photo of Haley Post

Math - Haley Post

Photo of Ethan Avina

Multilingual Learner - Ethan Avina

Photo of Mia Mancl

Music - Mia Mancl

Photo of Thomas Abstetar

Physical Education - Thomas Abstetar

Photo of Niko Munguia

Science - Niko Munguia

Photo of Emerson Fitzgerald

Social Studies - Emerson Fitzgerald

Photo of Angelo Reyes

Technology Education - Angelo Reyes

Photo of Kweku Korankye

World Language - Kweku Korankye

Students of the Month December

Photo of William Lee

Art - William Lee

Photo of Janell Russ

Family and Consumer Science - Janell Russ

Photo of Chase Sumpter

Math - Chase Sumpter

Photo of Teja Chang

Multilingual Learner - Teja Chang

Photo of Kera Pikula

Music - Kera Pikula

Photo of Jaydan Xiong

Physical Education - Jaydan Xiong

Photo of Samuel Guth

Science - Samuel Guth

Photo of Logan Sanders

Social Studies - Logan Sanders

Photo of Hakou Xiong

Techniology Education - Hakou Xiong

Student of the Month November

Photo of Miki Kue

Art - Miki Kue

Photo of Ryan Lang

Business & Technology - Ryan Lang

Photo of McKenna O'Connor

Family & Consumer Science - McKenna O'Connor

Photo of Olive Lensink

Language Arts - Olive Lensink

Photo of Abigail Martinez

Multilingual Learner - Abigail Martinez

Photo of Canaya Hayes-Jenkins

Music - Canaya Hayes-Jenkins

Photo of Isabella Smith

Physical Education - Isabella Smith

Photo of Ashley Larson

Science - Ashley Larson

Photo of Hannah Yang

Social Studies - Hannah Yang

Photo of Mason Pond

World Languages - Mason Pond

October Students of the Month

Photo of Macy Glaeser

Art - Macy Glaeser

Photo of Walter Brendel Jr.

Family & Consumer Science - Walter Brendel Jr.

Photo of Louis LaBouve

Health - Louis LaBouve

Photo of Abigail Martinez

Language Arts - Abigail Martinez

Photo of Eliyah Boehmer

Math - Eliyah Boehmer

Photo of Ella Lee

Multilingual Learner - Ella Lee

Photo of Paolo Gonzalez

Music - Paolo Gonzalez

Photo of Kendra Dogs

Physicial Education - Kendra Dogs

Photo of Dana Yedica

Science - Dana Yedica

Photo of Owen Smith

Social Studies - Owen Smith

Photo of Taylor Schultz

Technology Education - Taylor Schultz

Photo of George Phillips

World Languages - George Phillips

September Students of the Month

Photo of Thea Bates

Art - Thea Bates

Photo of Solomon Gamez

Family & Consumer Science - Solomon Gamez

Photo of Alyssa Lallensack

Language Arts - Alyssa Lallensack

Photo of William Tarkowski

Math - William Tarkowski

Photo of Avana Lee

Multilingual Learner - Avana Lee

Photo of Emily Allen

Music - Emily Allen

Photo of Murphy Leistekow

Science - Murphy Leistekow

Photo of Noel Krugel

Social Studies - Noel Krugel

Photo of Grant Carlson

Technology Education - Grant Carlson

Photo of Paolo Gonzalez

World Languages - Paolo Gonzalez