Student of the Month May

Photo of Angelie Xiong

Art - Angelie Xiong

Photo of Grace McKeefry

Business & Tech - Grace McKeefry

Photo of Olivia Balde

Family & Consumer Science - Olivia Balde

Photo of Samantha Allard

Health - Samantha Allard

Photo of  Thomas Schreiber

Language Arts - Thomas Schreiber

Photo of Sarah Halvorsen

Math - Sarah Halvorsen

Photo of Jasmine Chang

Multilingual Learner - Jasmine Chang

Photo of Snow Xiong

Phy Ed - Snow Xion

Photo of Flinn Opel

Science - Flinn Opel

Photo of Jolene Grub

Science - Jolene Grub

Photo of Elizabeth Frankovis

Social Studies - Elizabeth Frankovis

Photo of Kabao Khang

Technology Ed - Kabao Khang

Photo of Elliott Zugel

World Languages - Elliott Zugel

Students of the Month April

Photo of Cayley Sigala

Art - Cayley Sigala

Photo of Sal Pikula

Business & Technology - Sal Pikula

Photo of Haley Post

Family Consumer Science - Haley Post

Photo of Teagan Peitzmeier

Health - Teagan Peitzmeier

Photo of Noel Krugel

Language Arts - Noel Krugel

Photo of Zach Heitzmann

Math - Zach Heitzmann

Photo of Chanele Vue

Multilingual Learner - Chanelle Vue

Photo of Shanah Lee

Music - Shanah Lee

Photo of Tarell Yang

Phy Ed - Tarell Yang

Photo of Grace Allen

Science - Grace Allen

Photo of George Phillips

Science - George Phillips

Photo of Betty Quasius

Social Studies - Betty Quasius

Photo of Blake Bergstrom

Tech Ed - Blake Bergstrom

Photo of Andrew Stonehouse

World Language - Andrew Stonehouse

Students of the Month March

Photo of David Yang

Art - David Yang

Photo of Katie Spence

Business Ed - Katie Spence

Photo of Brooke Hess

Family Consumer Science - Brooke Hess

Photo of Lucia Hernandez

Language Arts - Lucia Hernandez

Photo of Luke Bierman

Math - Luke Bierman

Photo of Luis Torres Jr

Multilingual Learner - Luis Torres Jr

Photo of Caden Rohadfox

Music - Caden Rohadfox

Photo of Blake Buhr

Phy Ed - Blake Buhr

Photo of Peyton Baker

Science - Peyton Baker

Photo of Norah Yang

Social Studies - Norah Yang

Photo of Ken Xiong

Tech Ed - Ken Xiong

Photo of Julia Renzelmann

World Languages - Julia Renzelmann

Students of the Month February

Photo of Kyu Vang

Art - Kyu Vang

Photo of Christopher Garbe

Family & Consumer Science - Christopher Garbe

Photo of Chanelle Vue

Health - Chanelle Vue

Photo of Lilian Berry-Street

Language Arts - Lilian Berry-Street

Photo of Jaydan Xiong

Math - Jaydan Xiong

Photo of Yasin Zohor

Multilingual Learner - Yasin Zohor

Photo of Nicholas Yang

Music - Nicholas Yang

Photo of Angelo Reyes

Phy Ed - Angelo Reyes

Photo of Evelyn Yang

Science - Evelyn Yang

Photo of Maryssa Alvarez

Social Studies - Maryssa Alvarez

Photo of Raymen Vue

Technology Ed - Raymen Vue

Photo of Emmaleigh Mitchell

World Languages - Emmaleigh Mitchell

Students of the Month January

Photo of Jaycee Roethel

Art - Jaycee Roethel

Photo of Alexander Xiong

Business & Technology - Alexander Xiong

Photo of Jazlyn Avina

Family & Consumer Science - Jazlyn Avina

Photo of Kimiko Lee

Language Arts - Kimiko Lee

Photo of Salena Vue

Math - Salena Vue

Photo of Molly Geiser

Music - Molly Geiser

Photo of Max Tutas

Phy Ed - Max Tutas

Photo of Nathan Presti

Science - Nathan Presti

Photo of Jacob Fox

Social Studies - Jacob Fox

Photo of Alice Shinn

Tech Ed - Alice Shinn

Photo of Matthew Vandewege

World Language - Matthew Vandewege

Students of the Month December

Photo of Brianna Bloechel

Art - Brianna Bloechel

Photo of Julia English

Business Ed - Julia English

Photo of Zahira Martinez

FACS - Zahira Martinez

Photo of Aidan Roose

Health - Aidan Roose

Photo of Lynda Lee

Language Arts - Lynda Lee

Photo of Nhiasua Yang

Math - Nhiasua Yang

Photo of Sean Lee

Music - Sean Lee

Photo of Allison Waara

Phy Ed - Allison Waara

Photo of Julia English

Science - Julia English

Photo of Larissa Stanul

Social Studies - Larissa Stanul

Photo of Luke Bierman

Tech Ed - Luke Bierman

Photo of Jonah Weinfurter

Wolrd Languages - Jonah Weinfurter

Student of the Month November

Photo of William Lee

Art - William Lee

Photo of Hunter Pahl

FACS - Hunter Pahl

Photo of Aoife Meyer

Health - Aoife Meyer

Photo of Language Arts

Language Arts - Elizabeth Juckem

Photo of Charles Pilmaier

Math - Charles Pilmaier

Photo of Brooke Hess

Music - Brooke Hess

Photo of Gao Nou Yang

Phy Ed - Gao Nou Yang

Photo of Lilac Lee

Science - Lilac Lee

Photo of Hannah Koll

Social Studies - Hannah Koll

Photo of Alexis Tardy

Tech Ed - Alexis Tardy

Photo of Lillian Hagemeier

World Languages - Lillian Hagemeier

October Students of the Month

Photo of Charlie Anderson

Art - Charlie Anderson

Photo of  Grace Rhode

Business Ed - Grace Rhode

Photo of Isaac Schert

FACS - Isaac Scherg

Photo of Chase Brunette

Language Arts -Chase Brunette

Photo of Sunny Covarrubias

Literacy - Sunny Covarrubias

Photo of Jaden Holfeltz

Math - Jaden Holfeltz

Photo of Yee Vang

Multilingual Learner - Yee Vang

Photo of Angel Xiong

Music - Angel Xiong

Photo of Aaron Bayona

Phy Ed - Aaron Bayona

Photo of Nevaeh Snoeyenbos

Science - Nevaeh Snoeyenbos

Photo of Sofia Russi-Amador

Social Studies - Sofia Russi-Amador

Photo of Benjamin Leistebkow

Tech Ed - Benjamin Leistekow

Photo of Arina Vang

World Languages - Arina Vang

September Students of the Month

Photo of Dayne Uselding

Art - Dayne Uselding

Photo of Cing Siam

Business Ed - Cing Siam

Photo of Emily Kuehl

FACS - Emily Kuehl

Photo of Blake Buhr

Health - Blake Buhr

Photo of Cecelia Krumholtz

Language Arts - Cecelia Krumholtz

Photo of Kendreta Hernandez

Math - Kendreta Hernandez

Photo of Teja Chang

Multilingual Learner - Teja Chang

Photo of Jacob Keating

Phy Ed - Jacob Keating

Photo of Zachary Heitzmann

Science - Zachary Heitzmann

Photo of Mason Novak

Social Studies - Mason Novak

Photo of Maxx Hilbelink

Tech Ed - Maxx Hilbelink

Photo of Abram Van Der Puy

World Languages - Abram Van Der Puy