Special Education

All students should be provided with an education in the development of cognitive skills, affective skills, self-awareness, self-esteem, physical well being, and socially acceptable decision making strategies. We believe that a positive and caring environment will perpetuate successful experiences and enhance each student's future development as an adult.

Special Education in the Sheboygan Area School District

We recognize the importance of addressing the inter-relationships between home, school, and community in order to enhance students' total development. Community and parental input is sought when determining educational placement within a wide range of programs designed to meet varied disabilities and learning styles of students.

Finally, through instruction in independence, responsibility, competency, and vocational/career awareness, special education students should develop into productive individuals in our society. This life-long objective should be reached through early identification, ongoing intervention, and relevant academic/social development.

SASD offers special education services to children with all disabilities. For detailed information regarding disabilities, please use the following link: https://dpi.wi.gov/sped

Child Find Developmental Screening

CHILD FIND is a developmental screening program for children living in the Sheboygan Area School District. Families are invited to have their child screened when he or she turns three years of age. A CHILD FIND screening helps identify if a child is appropriately developing both physically and emotionally. At the screening site, school professionals are on hand to answer questions parents may have about their child’s development. In addition, information about a variety of community resources is available.

CHILD FIND can be the first step in referring a child to an appropriate special education program. The Sheboygan Area School District operates special education programs for children and students ages 3 to 21. Helping children with exceptional education needs as early as possible often results in more children becoming productive, responsible citizens.

The CHILD FIND service is provided at no charge to the parent, and all information gathered is confidential. Read the CHILD FIND brochure for more information or developmental signs to keep an eye on with your child.

Child Find Brochure
Child Find Brochure - Hmong
Child Find Brochure - Spanish

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