Where to Start

Explora is a good general first-choice database. If you don't find what you need there, try some of the other resources below.

MyBib is an excellent citation generator, and very easy to use. If you need help with citations, check with your teacher or librarian.

If you try to use one of the databases listed on this page and are asked to log in, click the "Login Help" button below for a list of usernames and passwords. You will have to be logged into your SASD Google account to have access to this Login Help page.

Database and Research Links

Research Tips

FMS Research Tips

Research Tips for planning your research and finding information online

Citation Tips

FMS Citation Tips

Citation Tips explaining why citation matters and what a good citation should include. Includes links to online citation helper tools.

How to Write Simple Citations

FMS Write Citations

How to Write Simple Citations explains how to write your own citations in a simplified but consistent format. If your teacher allows, it would be better and easier to use MyBib instead.

Resources for Specific Projects

If you use our Research Hub databases above, Explora and Encyclopedia Britannica will probably give you the most information on this topic. Listed below are three information-packed sites about explorers. Two are great and one is awful!

This site offers short written biographies as well as many video biographies. The videos generally offer more information than the write-ups. If you don't see your explorer on the page, use the search bar near the top.

Mariners' Museum: The Ages of Exploration
This site offers a wealth of information. Once you are at your explorer's page, make sure you click the + signs at the bottom to expand the sections—that's where most of the information is.

On the search page, you can type in your explorer's name or browse the picture tiles. If you are browse the tiles, the explorers with green backgrounds are the one from the time period your class is studying. Also note that you can switch tabs at the top of the search page to learn more about explorers' ships, tools, and voyages.

All About Explorers
Beware this site! If you got information from it already, double-check it!

All About Explorers looks like a reputable site at first glance, but if you read carefully, you will find all is not well. For instance, the page about Christopher Columbus says he was born in 1951 in Sydney, Australia, died in 1901, and appeared on infomercials and Larry King Live.

Images for Reverse Image Search practice