Financial Aid & Scholarships

Completed Application includes the Local Scholarship Application and the North High Local Essay (attached or linked via the insert fields at the bottom of the application).

One application is used for 40+ local scholarships. Due Sunday, February 26th, 2023 (11:59pm CST)! 

Students need to declare the college or university they will be attending, as some scholarships are school-specific. Students have until April 1st to notify the scholarship coordinator of their decision to change schools. Keep in mind that local scholarships are given for both technical, two, and four-year colleges. Sheboygan County is very generous to North High students and donors give scholarships for many different reasons. Every senior should fill out a Local Scholarship Application!!!

Directions-North Local Scholarship Application

The local scholarship application is an "all or nothing" online submission. Edits can be discussed with the North Scholarship Coordinators or you can submit a new application (before the deadline).

Often churches, insurance companies, places of work, stores, banks, organizations, etc., give scholarships. Be sure to check these sources for possible money. Most local organizations have their own application forms. Student Services will post, starting in October, miscellaneous scholarships that have been sent to the high school. A copy of updated available miscellaneous scholarships can viewed at the top of this page on the Scholarship Wall

Students are responsible for mailing out their own scholarship applications. Be sure to allow enough time to request and obtain a transcript, counselor signature, recommendations, and other requested information in order to meet the required postmark deadlines. STUDENT SERVICES WILL NOT MAIL OUT ANY SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS unless the application requires us to do so.

Scholarship Wall

Colleges, universities and technical colleges often have specific scholarships that students can apply for once they have been accepted. These scholarships are often based on class rank, grade point average, ACT scores or special talents. The college will usually send the scholarship or grant applications.

How to Request a Transcript and ACT scores for Scholarships

Some scholarships require transcripts and ACT scores. Please complete and submit to Mrs. Bitney the Scholarship Transcript Request Form. She will be in contact with you for pick-up/mailing. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD. These requests are unlimited and do not have a fee.

FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Financial Aid

The financial aid offer video
Families can learn what’s in their financial aid offers and how to compare their different offers. It’s also perfect to play at a virtual financial aid night!

Worksheet on financial aid offers
Help your families with tips and a sample aid offer that points out where to find things like scholarships, work-study and federal student loans.

Financial aid offer comparison worksheet
Parents and students can get an idea of how much each college will cost by filling in info from each of their offers and then comparing.

Financial aid offer blog articles
Share articles from students who have been there before, on topics like, “Your 6 biggest financial aid offer questions answered.”