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We have established the following eligibility requirements for all applicants:

  1.  Must live in the 53015 zip code area or have a family member that is a Cleveland Lions Club active member.
  2.  2023 graduating high school student or an adult pursuing their first year of higher education.
  3.  Accepted to an accredited institution of higher education (2 or 4 year).
  4.  Exhibited participation in community service and/or school activities.
  5.  Applications must be mailed or emailed, no later than April 1, 2023, to:

Cleveland Lions Club Scholarship Committee

Attn: Jennifer Brandt

1048 West Washington Ave.

Cleveland, WI 53015


Must have completed Spanish 4 by the end of the 2022-203 school year

Must complete and submit the local scholarship application by the published deadline

Plan to study Spanish at the post secondary level, preferably with plans to incorporate Spanish into your career

2023 Spanish Club Scholarship.docx (2)

This scholarship is for students who played basketball in senior year and plan to attend a University of Wisconsin school. More information is at Online applications will be available on Feb. 1st, 2023.

Description: At least one $750.00 scholarship will be awarded to a Sheboygan County

resident or to a member of Between the Lakes Chapter living in another county who

will be entering a program of studies at a college or university. The major area of study

must be related to environmental sciences, natural resource management, law

enforcement, habitat restoration, game management, or other program related to the

preservation, rehabilitation, or protection of natural resources.

Application Procedure:

1. Complete the attached application form.

2. Write a short essay, in your own words, stating why you have decided to pursue

the program of studies you have selected. Also describe your future career plans

as they relate to your chosen college program.

3. Provide a letter of recommendation from someone not related to you.

4. Provide a copy of your transcript of credits.

The Dream Pool Foundation is offering 6 scholarships for students planning to major in the visual arts (including art therapy).

For complete details and a scholarship application, visit the following website:

Carre Stuckert Sch 01302023152620

1.  Applicant must live in the Cleveland zip code area (53015), the Cleveland telephone exchange (693) or a graduating senior of an active Cleveland Athletic Club member. 

2.  The following criteria shall serve as a guideline for recipient selection:

A.  ATHLETICS: must have participated in sports for at least three years either in high school or community

B.  ACADEMICS: must have an accumulated grade point average of 3.0 or higher at the time of application (based on 4.0 scales)

C.  COMMUNITY SERVICE: list community service activities during high school

3.  A written application detailing athletic, academic and community service achievements along with a transcript of grades is required.  The application must be made through the high school guidance office.

4.  The scholarship shall be used for the first year of education following graduation from high school. 

See link for additional requirements

2023 CAC Scholarship Application

Cleveland Fish and Game will award a scholarship grant to:

  1. Active members of the Cleveland Fish and Game (or if your parent or grandparent are an active member),
  2. A graduating high school student that is accepted into either a two or four year degree program.
  3. Students should be a graduate of a Hunters Education Course, boater’s safety, ATV safety, snowmobile safety or be a Wisconsin Hunting and/or fishing license holder.
  4. All applicants must be a High School Senior in good standing, with a GPA of 2.5 or better.


Applications, including all required data, must be postmarked or delivered to Country Visions office by March 31, 2023 without exception.

  1. Complete the application form and return to Country Vision Cooperative along with all requested documents.
  2. Attach a transcript from your high school through your most recently completed semester.
  3. Include two letters of recommendation. (At least one should be from an employer, community leader, teacher or principal).
  4. If chosen as a scholarship winner, the student will need to complete one (1) semester of college or technical school to receive the funds. After successful completion of a semester of college, students must submit a copy of their grade report and proof of enrollment for second semester.
  5. If you are awarded a scholarship, you will be asked to furnish a photograph of yourself for publication. High resolution digital photos will also be accepted.

Additional details, application requirements and the application are available at https://www.countryvisionscoop... or contact Judy Schuh at the corporate office of Country Visions Cooperative in Reedsville, Wisconsin by calling 920-754-4321 ext. 2203 or by email to:

Scholarship Eligibility:

  • The 2023 graduating high school senior must be enrolled for the upcoming school year in an undergraduate degree program at an accredited college or university, or planning to attend a vocational or technical school.
  • The parents, parent, or legal guardian of the student must be a member of Country Visions Cooperative or CP Feeds, LLC and have purchased at least $2,000 worth of goods and services from Country Visions or CP Feeds in the year prior to the application.
  • Applicant must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale during their previous educational years.

The DSG Education Connection Fund is providing multiple scholarships to individuals who are pursuing an

education and a career in the trade industries throughout DSG’s service area. It’s easy to qualify, and the

application process is very simple.

Here’s How You Do It:

• Go to and print off the scholarship application.

• Fill out the application.

• Attach your high school transcript (or if already attending college, your college transcript).

• If in high school, make sure to attach your college acceptance letter, or equivalent (if available).

• Obtain and attach a brief letter of reference from a teacher, counselor or trade professional.

You must work at Dunkin' Donuts to apply for their scholarship.  See attached fliers on how to apply to work at Dunkin' Donuts.  See your supervisor for an application.  Deadline can vary from state to state.

Dunkin' Donuts Job Application Information and Dunkin Donut Scholarship App

Each yer, the UW HELP office awards two high school seniors from the city of Sheboygan with the Boettiger scholarship of $,1000 each that attend any of the 26 University of Wisconsin System campuses. For each student, $500 will be dispersed to the respective UW campus in the fall semester and $500 will be dispersed in the spring semester. 

Please note that Applicants must provide an Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) from the most-recent FAFSA.

This scholarship is available to students who will be pursuing a degree in the marketing or web development field. Full details, along with an online application, can be found HERE

GEAR UP Scholarship:

DPI WEOP supports students in their pursuit of postsecondary education and makes available a GEAR UP Scholarship for eligible Wisconsin GEAR UP (WIGU) students and eligible outreach students. Students must apply for the scholarship during their senior year of high school and before the July 15 deadline. If awarded, students will receive a one-year GEAR UP Scholarship.

Scholarship Criteria

  • GEAR UP Enrollment Date
    • The dollar amount of the scholarship varies based on when the student enrolled in GEAR UP.
    • Previous GEAR UP Grants (Enrollments BEFORE August 23, 2019)
    • Newly awarded 2019 GEAR UP Grant (Enrollments AFTER August 23, 2019)
  • Scholarship Type
    • Priority Student Scholarship - Eligible GEAR UP students who complete six or more college credits through dual enrollment or earn a micro-credential while in high school are eligible for a greater scholarship amount.
      • Priority WITH dual enrollment or micro-credential (requires copy of transcripts from associated institution)
      • Priority WITHOUT dual enrollment or micro-credential
    • Outreach - Eligible Outreach students will compete for a variable set of funds each year. The total number of available scholarships depends on the number of eligible priority students who apply. The student must have attended a GEAR UP outreach service. Scholarships will be awarded to students on a first-come, first-served basis.

Deadline to apply: Students must apply for the scholarship by July 15 following their senior year of high school, but early application is encouraged. Only complete applications will be considered.

Eligible students will demonstrate financial need at the time of application and meet the following criteria:

  • Be under 22 years of age at the time of the first scholarship award.
  • Have received a secondary school diploma or its recognized equivalent on or after January 1, 1998.
  • Be enrolled or accepted for enrollment, and provide proof of enrollment or acceptance, in a program of undergraduate instruction at a public, private non-profit, or technical college in Wisconsin.
  • Have participated in a service provided by the WIGU project.

HearthStone of Wisconsin is offering two $1,000 opportunity scholarships to residents of Sheboygan County. Applicants must be identified as, and enrolled in a program for, students with an identified intellectual disability, traumatic brain impairment, or autism.

Learn More

Scholarship applicant must intend to enroll in a Firefighter or Police Science related field of study. Scholarship recipients shall be selected based on academic standing (GPA and class
standing), school and community activities, and need. Applicants must have a GPA of 2.75 or higher on a 4.0 scale to be considered for a scholarship. See the scholarship application below for more details.

KofC Scholarship Application

Eligibility Requirements:

Gender:  Female

Ethnicity:  Latina

Background:  First-generation

Education Level:  High school senior or undergraduate student

Field of interest:  STEM

  1. Top 50% of your graduating senior class (any of the SASD High Schools)
  2. Must attend a private, public, or technical school (in or out-of-state) following high school graduation.
  3. Attended Lincoln-Erdman for at least three years.
  4. Must have been active in at least two extra-curricular activities in or outside of school during high school years.
  5. 200-250 word essay required: Topic: Lincoln-Erdman's motto is "Caring to Learn... Learning to Care." Please describe (with specific examples) how you have lived by this motto over the course of your life and how you plan to continue to live by this motto.
  6. Submit a brief cover letter with your essay explaining your activities and accomplishments during your high school years and describe your future plans after graduation to the Lincoln-Erdman Principal (Ms. Barttelt). Include full information about the college you will be attending and what your course of study/major will be. Be sure to list your name, address and phone number.
  7. Children of current Lincoln-Erdman staff members are not eligible.

One lump sum of $500 will be paid to the registrar's office at the college to be attended with funds to be used for books or tuition. Please provide proof of enrollment through a letter from the university listing where the scholarship money should be sent.

Lincoln Erdman Scholarship

The Nemak Achievers Scholarship will be awarded to a student pursuing an engineering, manufacturing, or automotive career. See the attachments for further details, and visit the Nemak website to apply. 

Nemak Achievers Flyer 2023

Student must be of Latino/Latina origin

Student must be entering a 2-year or 4-year educational program

One page essay; see application for details

NHS Latino Scholarship

Sheboygan Basketball Club scholarships are available to students who played on the South High or North High basketball teams for 4 years, and who plan to attend a 4-year college. See the attached application for further details.

SBC Scholarship Application

Every year the Sheboygan Contractors Association picks a high school student who is involved in a contractor trade to receive a scholarship award. Apply using the form below.

SCA Scholarship 2023

The Chamber of Commerce Scholarships are available to students who have demonstrated leadership and community service, and who work for (or have an immediate family member who works for) a company that is a member of the Chamber. Full details are given on the attached application.

The Sheboygan County Dairy Promotions Association is offering one $1000 scholarship and one $500 scholarship to Sheboygan County high school seniors enrolling in a post high school education program to study agriculture. 

The scholarship application can be accessed at https://sheboygancountydairypr... under the scholarship tab at the top of the website.


a. Applicants must be enrolled in post high school agriculture related training, long or short course, from a

University of Wisconsin System (Platteville, Madison or River Falls) institution. (Areas of study may

include: Agricultural Journalism, Agronomy, Bacteriology, Biochemistry, Dairy Science/Herd

Management, Environmental Sciences, Food Industry, Genetics, Horticulture/Landscape Architecture and

any other Agriculture Related Field of Study.) The legal agreement with the UW-Foundation states the

recipient must be enrolling in a UW system school (and specifically an agricultural program)

b. Candidates for this scholarship must be a Sheboygan County resident.

c. Candidate rank in the upper 50% of class preferred with grade point of 3.0 or higher. Please attach high

school and/or college transcripts with application.

d. Scholarships will only be awarded to an individual one time.

e. Winners may be asked to travel to Breakfast on the Farm events in other counties one weekend during

the summer.

The Early Bird Rotary Club Technical School Scholarships are for students planning to attend a Wisconsin technical college; have a minimum GPA of 2.5; have demonstrated leadership in school or community activities; and have work experience. Further details, as well as the scholarship application form, can be found at:

https://www.earlybirdrotary.or... . 

This scholarship is for a student pursuing a 2- or 4-year degree in agriculture or environmental science. See application below for further details.

SRPF 2023 Scholarship

Applicants must live in Sheboygan County or be graduating from a high school in Sheboygan County and plan on attending a college or university beginning in Fall of the current academic year.  Visual arts include:  drawing, painting, photography, filmmaking, fashion design, architecture, art education, graphic design, etc.

Applicants need to submit your application and an artist statement and a portfolio of 5 to 10 works demonstrating their artistic abilities. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee.  

$500 scholarship to a high school senior who plans to attend a college or university beginning in the fall of 2023 and plans to major in visual arts. This includes drawing, painting, photography, film, fashion design, architecture, studio art, art education, graphic design, etc.

Applications and more information can be obtained online at:


The application may be found online at

Students are also required to send recommendations from a counselor and a school reference. References receive an email to complete an online form for each applicant. (Be sure to have your references' emails handy!)

This is a two year award. Students must complete the application and demonstrate financial need; students must also be planning to attend a fully accredited 4-year college/university or 2-year technical college in the United States in pursuit of an associate or bachelor's degree; students must be enrolled full-time (12 or more credits) in Fall 2023 and must pursue a degree in Information Technology, Computer Science or Information Science.

Available to seniors who plan to attend a 4-year college, community/junior college or career school

No minimum SAT/ACT score or grade point average

No essay required

No lengthy application form

No application fee

 NOTE: Please type "" directly into the browser and not into a search engine such as Google or Yahoo! These search engines will frequently redirect students to advertiser sites not affiliated with the authentic Student-View Scholarships. 


• Covers full tuition and fees OR room and board ($10,000 per year) at the participating university of attendance
• Cadet stipend monthly ($420 freshman-senior)
   Book stipend of $1,200 annually ($600 per semester)
• Guaranteed commission in the Army National Guard with an eight-year service obligation

0. Minuteman Scholarship Flyer (AY 23 24)

Please visit for full scholarship details, including the application. Materials are due April 1st.  

  • Current graduating senior attending a high school within 150 miles of Green Bay
  • Pursuing a career with an agriculture focus that will enhance rural communities
    • Examples include dairy science, animal science, agriculture engineering, veterinary medicine, agriculture economics, biotechnology, environmental science, agri-business
  • Minimum 3.0 high school GPA
  • Minimum 19 ACT composite score
  • Student with a rural or agriculture background
  • Financial need as demonstrated by the FAFSA
    • Families with an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of $20,000 or less are eligible to apply for the scholarship. Should your EFC fall above $20,000, you may still apply for the scholarship. Please review the Financial Information Requirements for further details.

Scholarship recipients will receive $10,000 over four years.

Applicants must:

  • Complete an Online Application Form
  • Submit a personal statement
  • Submit a list of Extracurricular Activities
  • Provide 2 letters of recommendation
  • Submit Official High School Transcripts and ACT/SAT Scores
  • Complete FAFSA and submit the SAR (Student Aid Report)

Applications are available beginning January 1st. Completed applications are due April 1st.

Apply online at

Application Here

These scholarships are available to employees (or children of employees) of TMart franchises such as Dunkin' Donuts, Baskin Robbins, A&W, Cousins Subs, and Rocky Rococo. See attachment below for all relevant details and an application.

TMart 2023 Scholarship  

Four $1,000 Town of Sheboygan Lions Club scholarships will be awarded:

  • Three will be dedicated for applicants enrolled in program leading to a 4-year degree at an accredited 2 or 4-year traditional university
  • Applicants must be a resident of the Town of Sheboygan
  • The applicant must demonstrate good citizenship
  • Applicant must be required to return all parts of the application by March 31, 2023

One $1,000 Art Schnell Memorial scholarship will be awarded:

  • One will be dedicated for an applicant enrolled in a program at an accredited trade/technical college
  • Applicant must be a resident of Sheboygan County
  • The applicant must demonstrate good citizenship
  • Applicant must be required to return all parts of the application by March 31, 2023

A complete application will include the following: Application Form, Student Activity Profile, Narrative and Worthiness Narrative.  See application for further details.

Return completed application to: Town of Sheboygan Scholarship Committee, Attn: Bob Oonk, 3434 Mill Road #48, Sheboygan, WI 53083

Please download attached flier for all available information. You may also follow the link to download a copy of the application.

Two high school students in Wisconsin will be awarded this scholarship to help them attend any one of the University of Wisconsin campuses. Go HERE for the application and full details. 

Students planning to pursue a tech college or university degree in agriculture (or a related field) are eligible to apply. Please see the attachment for further details and for a copy of the application form.

WI Antique Power Reunion App 09302022120313

Applications become available to be completed starting February 1.  Candidates must meet the following criteria:

* Be a US citizen and Wisconsin resident

* Have a minimum 2.5 gpa

* Must be enrolled or accepted into a WI institute of higher education in their building trades program

* Must submit a completed application packet by the scholarship deadline

This scholarship is for students who plan to enroll in a vocational or technical program at a 2-year Wisconsin Technical College. More information is contained on the application form below.

WI Elks Technical College Scholarship Ap 23 24 1

This scholarship program provides graduating high school seniors with financial assistance to continue their education through enrollment in certain Wisconsin Technical Colleges. Recipients may elect any one-year technical diploma or two-year associate degree program.


  • Son or daughter of customer with primary residence in WPS service area
  • High school senior graduating in current academic year
  • Applied to attend one of these schools:
    • Fox Valley Technical College
    • Lakeshore Technical College
    • Northcentral Technical College
    • Nicolet Technical College
    • Mid-State Technical College
    • Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
  • Plan to enroll as a full-time student

TIP Grants are awarded to students who will be attending a public or private Wisconsin college or university. Grant recipients must meet at least one condition from each of two sets of criteria: "Financial Need" and "Nontraditional/Disadvantaged." A completed FAFSA is also necessary to apply. TIP Grants will be awarded to all eligible applicants until the funding is gone, so it is advisable to apply as soon as possible. 

For further information, go to this website, and fill out the application below. 

2023 TIP Grant Application

To compete for one of the WTA scholarships, applicants must compose an essay addressing the question, "If Wisconsin could design its local government funding system from scratch, what would be the best and most equitable way to fund town government services?"

Further information and application directions can be found on the WTA website