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Gender:  Female

Ethnicity:  Latina

Background:  First-generation

Education Level:  High school senior or undergraduate student

Field of interest:  STEM

No grades, test scores or essays. The Live Más Scholarship is for students who are pursuing higher education, preparing for the workforce, or using their passion to ignite change in their communities and beyond. Submit a two-minute video telling us what you’re passionate about and how you plan to make a difference.

It could be a short film, animation, or a simple testimonial. This isn’t about how well you can make a film—we want to learn more about you, your passion and how you plan to ignite change in your community and beyond!


This scholarship is for students who played basketball in senior year and plan to attend a University of Wisconsin school. More information is at Online applications will be available on Feb. 1st, 2023.

Applications become available to be completed starting February 1.  Candidates must meet the following criteria:

* Be a US citizen and Wisconsin resident

* Have a minimum 2.5 gpa

* Must be enrolled or accepted into a WI institute of higher education in their building trades program

* Must submit a completed application packet by the scholarship deadline

The Aurora Medical Center Sheboygan County Medical Staff High School Scholarship is awarded to seniors with a minimum GPA of 3.0 who will be pursuing a degree in an accredited health care-related program. Completed applications must be turned in to your Student Services Office no later than Monday, March 6th, 2023. Complete applications will include the application form, essay, and student activities profile. See the document below for full details. 

Aurora Schol Appl 2023

Required application contents & mailing procedure:

1. Application must be fully completed and signed

2. A short, one page essay describing the lessons you learned from your community

involvement, and how you hope to be an engaged member and participant of your

community in the future.

3. A complete transcript of high school credits or college credits to date

4. Two written recommendations

a. one from your principal, teacher or guidance counselor

b. one from employer, clergy, or other community leader

5. Applications are due by March 17th. Late and/or incomplete applications will be

automatically disqualified.

The selection of the student is based on scholastic attainment, school participation, and

community service.

Cleveland State Bank Scholarship Initial

We have established the following eligibility requirements for all applicants:

  1.  Must live in the 53015 zip code area or have a family member that is a Cleveland Lions Club active member.
  2.  2023 graduating high school student or an adult pursuing their first year of higher education.
  3.  Accepted to an accredited institution of higher education (2 or 4 year).
  4.  Exhibited participation in community service and/or school activities.
  5.  Applications must be mailed or emailed, no later than April 1, 2023, to:

Cleveland Lions Club Scholarship Committee

Attn: Jennifer Brandt

1048 West Washington Ave.

Cleveland, WI 53015


Completion and submission of Ellington Mutual Insurance Company Scholarship Application along with a copy of your high school transcript.

Please send completed package of materials to:

Ellington Mutual Insurance Company, PO Box 356, Hortonville, WI 54944-0356

or via e-mail at

An unspecified number of $1,000 scholarships are available for graduating seniors whose parents are policyholders of Ellington Mutual Insurance Company.

Scholarship information can be found at:


The Engineers Foundation of Wisconsin, a non-profit foundation of the National Society of Professional Engineers-Wisconsin (NSPE-WI), is pleased to send you information regarding their Engineering Scholarships. The scholarships are available to graduating high school seniors who plan to study engineering at a four-year ABET/EAC accredited program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering and intend to enter the profession of engineering upon graduation. Applicants must have GPA equal to or greater than 3.2 and ACT composite score equal to or greater than 26. Neither Engineering Technology nor Computer Science majors are acceptable.  Each applicant will be considered for all four available scholarships.


  • The NSPE-WI statewide may grant up to ten $2,500 scholarships
  • The NSPE-WI Chapters may award grants too
  • The Terry Ni Engineering Scholarship (, one to six scholarships at a minimum of $3,000 each

Applicant (or their parent) must be a Kohler Credit Union member prior to January 1, 2023. Applicant must also have a minimum unweighted GPA of 3.25. The digital scholarship application will be available on January 3, 2023 at

This scholarship is available for members of Marine Credit Union or their children. Go HERE to fill out the online scholarship application. 

2023 Herbert V. Kohler Scholarship

Selection Process 

Since 1969, the Kohler Foundation has been awarding the Herbert V. Kohler Scholarship to truly
exceptional Sheboygan County students. In 1994, the selection procedures were revised to incorporate a
faculty selection committee at each eligible high school. The Foundation’s intent is that this selection
committee will review submitted applications and choose the candidate who demonstrates the strongest
leadership abilities, regardless of their status as a top academic achiever. Scholarship is important with
this award, but by no means is it the most important factor in the selection of the Herbert V. Kohler
Scholarship recipient. This is a leadership award. The Foundation encourages faculty to nominate a
candidate who will make a difference in the world wherever s/he goes --- a person who has demonstrated
the ability to lead others, to go against the grain, to break new ground. Help us select the most
exemplary leader, irrespective of valedictorian status.

Selection Criteria

Kohler Foundation is seeking truly unique individuals. A review of past recipients reveals no
overarching pattern; each recipient was selected because s/he was special.
The Herbert V. Kohler Scholarship is primarily a leadership award. Recipients must be able scholars of
course, but beyond that, they must be motivated to become leaders in their chosen fields. They must be
people who want to do more, to contribute more. They must be people who have enough imagination
to aspire and dream and yet enough common sense to plan realistically.
Kohler Foundation believes that an individual can still make a difference in the world, and is seeking
those who really want to try --- by discovering new methods, by researching, by involvement in social
action, by being among the best in whatever they choose to do.
The HVK Scholarship carries with it a significant financial award of up to $100,000 to a private
or Top 20-rank out-of-state public institution, or up to $50,000 to any other public institution
over four years.
Kohler Foundation is looking for young people who are mature and ambitious, in a constructive
way. We seek applicants who intend to use their talents not just to make a good living, but to
make a better life for others.

Printed applications are due to the North High Student Office  Ms. Magray with all documents by Feb. 1st, 2022

A complete application must include:
1) Student Information Sheet
2) Herbert V. Kohler Scholarship Application
3) Letter(s) from School Principal, Guidance Counselor and/or Teacher is required; Letter from a
non-teachers/instructors...i.e. coach, club adviser, employer, community leader/member, etc. is also accepted in addition to the faculty recommendations but not required.

Herbert V. Kohler Detailed Instructions

HVK Application Student Information Sheet

Every year the Sheboygan Contractors Association picks a high school student who is involved in a contractor trade to receive a scholarship award. Apply using the form below.

SCA Scholarship 2023

Variety of individual SPEF scholarships available; visit their website for individual scholarships available to North High, South High and charter school students. Each scholarship has different submission requirements in addition to submitting a local scholarship application with original signatures of parents and student.  Contact SPEF directly if you have any questions.

SPEF Website

Students declaring a major in or having an emphasis in the human resources field are eligible to apply.

Please see the attached document for more information and a copy of the scholarship application. 

SHRM Jack Schoemer Sch 10042022100929

The Ruth DeYoung Kohler Scholarship for Artistic Excellence is being offered to students who plan to pursue a career in the arts.

First read the attached "RDK Instructions" document. Then fill out the Student Information Form, RDK Application, and RDK Additional Information Form.  If you filled out a Student Information Form for one of the other Kohler Foundation scholarships, you may use the same form for this application. Please note that all application materials must be submitted online by February 13th, 2023. 

RDK Instructions6

2023 Ruth DeYoung Kohler Application

2023 Ruth DeYoung Kohler Additional Information

2023 Student Information Form6

Students planning to pursue a tech college or university degree in agriculture (or a related field) are eligible to apply. Please see the attachment for further details and for a copy of the application form.

WI Antique Power Reunion App 09302022120313

Open to any Wisconsin resident enrolling in a college or vocational/technical school in a course of study leading to a two- or four-year degree in police science, criminal justice, or a law enforcement-related field. Visit the Association's scholarship website for further details and the scholarship application. 

The Sheboygan County Dairy Promotions Association is offering one $1000 scholarship and one $500 scholarship to Sheboygan County high school seniors enrolling in a post high school education program to study agriculture. 

The scholarship application can be accessed on the Association's website