IF you or a loved one needs support Quitting a Substance -- Call or Visit the websites today! If you need any assistance please contact your School Counselor!


  • The North American Quitline Consortium is a network of toll-free hotlines and websites. Find your state quitline and resources and map.naquitline.org.

US Residents:

Online Resources:

These organizations offer good information online and may have local resources in your area:

SmokeFreeTXT is a program that offers assistance in quitting Smoking Nicotine based products. The program will send out 3-5 text messages a week in support of you on your journey to become Nicotine Free. If you need assistance -- feel free to click the link below!

Texting Registration Page

Online AODA Resources

Below are Online Resources for Students and Families around the topic of Alcohol and Other Drugs -- Including E-Cigarettes and Vaping

Helpful information on E-Cigarettes and Vaping

Tobacco is Changing!

Information regarding Vaping and Addiction

Vaping and Addiction Resources

Resources for teens and parents (prevention and how to seek help)

National Institutes of Health - Drug Abuse

Online support group for parents, allows for greater anonymity and support

TAP United Online Group

Resources for Families and Students

AODA Resources

Overcoming Resistance to Treatment in Teens and Young Adults

Getting Past No

Primarily geared for parents, information on support groups and navigating treatment

Drug Free

Local AODA Resources

Below are resources that are local to Sheboygan County.

Local resource guide that includes information regarding outpatient, detox, inpatient and residential treatment providers.

Substance Use Treatment Guide

WIRCO connects individuals, families and communities to treatment and recovery services. Recovery coaching for anyone 18 years or older who has concern for their own or a loved one’s relationship with alcohol or drugs.


  • Resources for teens and parents
  • Serve underinsured or not insured, immigration status is not a concern, do have interpretation or can use phone interpretation if necessary
  • School can refer, but parent has to fill out application with on call worker
  • Can take a couple weeks to a couple months to start treatment
  • If student refuses, parent can still access supports
  • Family and individual therapy-
  • Does include drug screening during treatment

Sheboygan County Mental Health and Substance 

A support group for those affected by a loved ones’ use or related behavioral problems

Families Anonymous Group