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Welcome to Sheboygan North High School's Student Services Department

Are you in need and looking for some help? Reach out to your grade level counselor.

Counselor Grade Level Assignments

Schedule An Appointment to See Your Counselor

  • Please contact the counselor to make an appointment outside of the normal school day hours.
  • Appointments for the next day must be made before the end of the school day.
  • Same day appointments must be made in the Counseling Center with a secretary.
  • Please do not schedule an appointment during your Phy Ed/Gym or during a class when you will be taking a test.
    Who is my counselor?
Ms. Loest Ms. Magray Mr. Matus Mr. Tagel Ms. Weiland

Upcoming Student Services Events

Mental Health Resources for Students and Families

With the rapid spread of COVID-19 and direct impact it has made on our everyday lives, it is not surprising that mental health and well-being can be impacted as well. Students and individuals who already struggle with anxiety or other mental health issues may need extra support during this time. If there is an immediate need for emotional or crisis support, please use the following resources:

Mobile Crisis provides 24/7 emergency crisis counseling and safety assessment.

​​Aurora Memorial Medical Center, 2629 N 7th Street, Sheboygan, 920.451.5000
*please note that Aurora has an inpatient behavioral health unit.

St. Nicholas Hospital, 3100 Superior Avenue, Sheboygan, 920.459.8300

Call toll free at 800.273.8255 (Languages in Spanish and English)

Provides 24/7 text support before a situation becomes a crisis.

Provides 24/7 telephone support for any emotional or mental health issue, including suicide prevention.

Provides a Youth Talkline, online chat, and the largest collection of LGBT resources for youth and adults to discuss issues of sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Provides 24/7 helpline, shelter, and supportive services for victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault.

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Student Services Department

One of the Career Readiness goals adopted by the Sheboygan Area School District, is for each student to have acquired a minimum of 25 hours of community service while in high school and by the time a student graduates. Please note that this is not a graduation requirement. The Community Service hours form can/will also be utilized to document community service hours that are being done by a student seeking to meet the community service hours requirements for National Honors Society. Please print off the attached sheet, fill in the needed information, get the needed signatures and hand the form in to your high school counselor. If you have any other questions please contact your high school counselor.

Community Service Form
Volunteer Opportunities

College Visit Calendar
Please access the College Visit Calendar to see when a representative from a College you're interested is coming to North.

To meet with a rep, please sign up using Google Form below or in the Counseling Office!

College Visit Calendar

College/Military Rep SIGN UP

Sign Up for 2020-2021 College Tour (field trip)
Opportunity for 9th-12th graders. Transportation is free, a possible cost for lunch. Information and permission slip available in the Counseling Center lobby about 1 month before the trip.

College Visit Trips - No College Visit Trips for 2020-21 school year due to COVID

The Raiders and the Redwings have teamed up with UW Colleges to put together a series of presentations to help you stay on track, and offer valuable insight into the world of higher education. The following are the different presentations that will be provided this school year. If you have any questions then please contact your child's counselor at 920-459-3558.

UW Colleges Present: North and South Shared Presentations
A University of Wisconsin Green Bay representative will be presenting information throughout the Winter/Spring at North and South High Schools on the following topics:

  • College Planning 101: A Guide For Juniors
    Junior year is an important planning time for college. During this session, we’ll cover the college timeline for high school juniors, examine what it takes to be a competitive college applicant, and how to prepare for campus tours. We’ll also go over questions every student should be asking of their prospective college and explore what happens after they’ve been accepted. This session will be held Wednesday, December 9th, 6:30 pm -This will be a virtual/online presentation. To join the presentation please click on the following link:
    To watch a recorded copy of this presentation please go to the following link:
  • Your Future Depends on It: Choosing High School Classes Wisely
    This presentation by a college admissions rep will discuss the importance of rigorous academics in high school and the impact that class choice has on college and career success. This session will be held Wednesday, January 14th, 6:00 pm 
    This will be a virtual/online presentation. To join the presentation please click on the following link: 
    Link to join virtual presentation
  • You’ve Got Options: Comparing College Choices in Wisconsin
    During this presentation, a college admissions rep will discuss various post-secondary educational options in Wisconsin: the UW Colleges two-year campuses, the four-year campuses of the UW System, and the Wisconsin Technical Educational System. Specifically, we’ll explore what each institution has to offer, and what factors students should consider when deciding where to attend. This session will be held Wednesday, February 17th 2021. More info to come.

  • Behind the Scenes of the College Admissions Process
    This presentation is packed full of valuable insights on the dos and don’ts of the college application process. Student participants will learn what college admissions teams look for in student applications through hands-on activities and group discussion. This session will be held Wednesday, March 17th 2021. More info to come.

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