Sheboygan Area School District Sheboygan North High School. Photo of students in a library.

Welcome Future Raiders

Below is important information for your Freshman year at Sheboygan North High School.

Main: 920-459-3611
Fax: 920-803-7619

People Who Can Help at NHS

Your School Counselor is here to help you with almost everything….academic, personal/social and career counseling is provided. Counselors work with students individually, in small groups and in classrooms. Come to the Student Services Office.... your counselor can be a good “first step” when seeking help of any kind.

The School Social Worker is also located within the Student Services Office. This person is available for individual and group support. This person also plays a role in attendance conferences and referrals.

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) is located in room 224. The staff there can assist you with your courses, organization, and study skills. The ARC is available for student use each period of the day - during your study hall time.

The library and Help Desk is located on second floor (room 235). The staff there can assist you with your technology needs, student IDS, reseting passwords, Chromebook charging, database access and finding resources to make your high school career a success.

The School Psychologist is located within the Student Services Office. This person provides testing and evaluation for those who are being referred for additional services. Serving a number of schools, you may need to leave the School Psychologist a message and return during their office hours.

Your Teachers can help you toward better understanding an assignment or a lesson from class. Ask your teacher when might be a good time to meet. Teachers may be able to support you in many different ways.

The Police Liaison Officer/Security Officers/Security EA are all available to you during the school day. The offices for the Police Liaison (who is here as an advisor to the students about the law and law enforcement) and Security Educational Assistant are located in the commons. 

8th Grade Year & New Students

8th Grade Parent Night Informational Sheet:

Scheduling For Your 9th Grade Year:
Things to consider when scheduling for your 9th grade year:
Scheduling Tips for your Freshman Year

Course Selection Worksheet and Scheduling Options going into 9th grade (2021-22)