Welcome New Families Entering 4K

May 6, 2021

Welcome to Lincoln-Erdman Elementary School! We are excited to welcome your family to our school next year.

At Lincoln-Erdman, we believe all students will Care to Learn and Learn to Care. Students will benefit from a strong sense of community and collaboration between the students, teachers, and families. Solid academic achievement paired with traditional values taught in a safe and caring environment is the strength of our school. 

Please review the presentation below to learn more about our school and how to prepare for entering Four-year-old Kindergarten (4K):

If you received our postcard mailer and DO NOT plan to have your child attend Lincoln-Erdman next year for 4K, please call or email the office at (920) 459-3595 or areinbacher@sasd.net so we can update our school records.

If you have any questions about Lincoln-Erdman, please reach out to our school office at (920) 459-3595.