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Welcome Seniors

Below is important information for your senior year at Sheboygan North High School.

Main: 920-459-3611
Fax: 920-803-7619

Schedule An Appointment to See Your Counselor

  • Please contact the counselor to make an appointment outside of the normal school day hours.
  • Appointments for the next day must be made before the end of the school day.
  • Same day appointments must be made in the Counseling Center with a secretary.
  • Please do not schedule an appointment during your Phy Ed/Gym or during a class when you will be taking a test.
    Who is my counselor?

Ms. Loest Ms. Magray Mr. Matus Mr. Tagel Ms. Weiland
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If you cannot sign into Xello with your SASD Google:

Username: sasd-jsmith123456 [sasd-first name initial+full last name+6 digit student ID]
Password: 6 digit student ID

Senior Year

Senior Fall Important Information Presentation

Senior Year Timeline Calendar

Senior Details - This page is up-dated with important dates and information related to your senior year at North.

Co-Op Handout

ACP Survey

Graduation Requirements

Post High School Information

Applying to Universities and Technical Colleges

Requesting a transcript

Seniors - Follow the instructions on the attached sheet if you need to send out your transcripts to a college, university, technical college or the NCAA/NAIA? If you have any questions please stop in (or contact) the Counseling Center.

IMPORTANT!!! - All final transcript requests should be made through Xello - there is a link below about how to request a transcript in Xello if needed. If you have any issues with requesting a transcript through Xello then please contact your counselor. Any transcript requests made via Xello starting May 1st will be sent after the school year concludes (and grades have been finalized) on/around June 21st. All requests made after May 1st will be considered as Final Transcript Requests - meaning that the request is for finalized transcripts to be sent after June 21st to the student’s college/university they indicated in their request. If you need a transcript sent between May 1st and June 21st to a college/university/NCAA/NAIA - or for a scholarship application - you will need to see/contact Mrs Bitney in the Student Services Office.

Xello Instructions

Requesting A Transcript I Xello (includes video)

How to Request a Transcript and ACT scores for Scholarships

Some scholarships require transcripts and ACT scores. Please complete and submit to Mrs. Bitney the Scholarship Transcript Request Form. She will be in contact with you for pick-up/mailing. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD. These requests are unlimited and do not have a fee.

Scholarship Transcripts Request

How do I apply to Universities and Technical Colleges?

Fall is the time for seniors to process post secondary school applications. Whether for four or two year universities or technical colleges ….. applying early is wise. Although the following speaks directly to universities within the State of Wisconsin, the application process is somewhat universal. After you apply, you must fill out:

1. A Records Release Form (located in Counseling Center on Mrs. Bitney’s desk)

2. A Transcript Request Form (located in Counseling Center on Mrs. Bitney’s desk)

Both forms are given to Mrs. Bitney who will then attach the necessary materials (transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation) and mail to the colleges. If your transcripts are being sent electronically by your counselor via the Common Application or SENDedu then you do not need to fill out the Transcript Request Form for those schools.

North High School’s six-digit “CEEB code” is: 502-095

UW-System Application Process

The UW-System starts accepting applications starting September 1st. Contact UW-System HELP line with any questions: 1-800-442-6459.

The Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities

Wisconsin Technical Colleges

Common Application

Financial Aid, Scholarships & College Funding

Financial Aid Resources

The Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the initial step in determining your eligibility for financial aid. More information can be found at  FAFSA

Financial aid is offered to those students who illustrate a need based on federal criteria. Financial aid can be broken down into three major categories: 1 ) grants, 2) loans and 3) work study. Items one and two require an application (FAFSA) which will be available in January. The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is on online process which may not be submitted until after the first of the year.

To obtain information on student aid for college and completing the FAFSA contact FSAIC (Federal Student Aid Information Center) at 800-4FED-AID ….. 800-433-3243

In addition, North High School has a Financial Aid Night for parents and students who are interested in learning more about ways to pay for college. This night is held in October (see “Important Dates” document on this web page for the date) - and other important dates)!

2020-2021 Financial Aid Presentation

Financial aid offer video, worksheet, comparison worksheet, and blog articles

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